[Ethereum ETH]+[ Ethereum Classic ETC ] EtherDigger.com, 0.45% Fee,7x24h EU / USA Servers

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Ethereum Pool: http://etherdigger.com

Ethereum Classic Pool: http://classic.etherdigger.com

Pool Specs:

- Payouts every 1 hour
- Payout Blocks and uncle Blocks
- You mine direct to your wallet address
- Fast Upstream API / Statistics
- Fast Block unlocking
- Low Fee, only 0.45%
- Fully dedicated Server only for the Ethereum Pool & Node
- Minimum Payout with 0.5 ETH or ETC
- 24x7 Uptime and Service

Supported Protocols (more about - http://etherdigger.com/#/help )

Etherdigger supports both eth-proxy and getwork, and has detailed instructions available here.

Stratum Proxy - eth-proxy, claymore etc

Host: etherdigger.com
Port: 8008 ( Classic 8010 )
User: Your Ethereum ( Classic ) Address

GetWork - eth, ethminer, genoil etc

Host: etherdigger.com
Port: 8888 ( Classic 8011 )
User: Your Ethereum ( Classic ) Address

Stratum connections:

Europe eu.etherdigger.com 8010
USA (Oklahoma) us.etherdigger.com 8010

Rent Rig Support ( Ethereum Dagger-Hashimoto )

NiceHash.com Important to read -> https://www.nicehash.com/?p=news&id=91
Miningrigrentals.com Use the G Rigs for Getwork and the S for Stratum

If you have some trouble with Pool, message me or reply here.

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