RX 470 mining



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    they are just cheap tile spacers - you can get like 100 for $6
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    @boysie I started using the plastic spacers that separate the horizontal pieces included in the packaging. It's free and easy to zip tie through a mobo screw hole.
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    Lokken86 said:

    That's 8Gb 470's right?

    Nope..4GB :smiley: They finally are putting decent Hynix chips in these ;) And yes its on Ubuntu 16 (drivers can run on 14 as well though).
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    jstefanop said:

    Lokken86 said:

    That's 8Gb 470's right?

    Nope..4GB :smiley: They finally are putting decent Hynix chips in these ;) And yes its on Ubuntu 16 (drivers can run on 14 as well though).
    So this is tightened memory timings to get the improvement? How stable is it?
    More importantly when can we use this? :)
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    Techman34 said:

    Thanks @boysie I figured you must have saved me like 3 hours. I knew the settings I was trying to run and Wattman was still a pain in the ass with crashes and resets and took me over 2 hours. Ultimately got -20% 800 1750 800 running solid at 21.9MH on 3x MSI 470's at around 310 watts. I installed 16.7.3 then ran the 16.8.2 hot fix.

    I'll let that burn in and play with the settings more next weekend.

    MSI RX 470 8gb???MSI RX 470 4gb???
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    jstefanop said:

    Lokken86 said:

    That's 8Gb 470's right?

    Nope..4GB :smiley: They finally are putting decent Hynix chips in these ;) And yes its on Ubuntu 16 (drivers can run on 14 as well though).
    wooow, can you share your mod?, can it applied to 8GB also?, and how much power?
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    SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 470 8GB

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    sapphire rx470 reference 4gb - 190EUR...good price? Should I buy them?
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    guys with RX 470.
    Does setting specific local work and global work helps with Genoil or is it redundant?
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    @jstefanop I think we would all love to hear the details of your setup and how you're getting 28MH/s+

    If the 4GB 470s can achieve those numbers I'll be picking some up for sure.

    Also, anyone try the gigabyte G1 470s?
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    two questions:
    1. Does anyone use genoil's 1.0.8 for RX 470? I have terrible time with stability-it crashes every 6-8 hr. I disabled Win update and driver update, so it is not that. Could it be antivirus?
    2. Is typical antivirus programs compatible with genoil's? they have something like real time scanning-maybe antivirus does not "like" ethereum messages or cannot scan them fast enough?

    What else could be crashing the darned thing?
    Ubuntu rigs are stable on prior cards/drivers for weeks at a time.
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    @jstefanop Man, you're crazy! How tf did you manage to get those hashrates?
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    he is just a troll just see his older crap posts.
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    The hurdle for RX470 tweaking at this time is that the Windows AMD drivers check for a valid BIOS signature/checksum, so cards using an altered BIOS will not boot.

    The options currently are to use Linux, or to try and get windows to bypass the check. It's possible, just not particularly straightforward yet. (and I've yet to see anyone succeed with Win7)
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    Has anyone published a custom bios for 470 4gb?
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    guys i need some help going a bit nuts here..

    trying to decide between Rx470 vs Rx480 8b cards...

    so many conflicting views in the forum.

    its my first rig, im in the process of putting the order together ..

    i have free cooling at home, power cost 7cent/KW.

    budget for rig 3-3.5k max.

    would really appreciate some help, was thinking MSI rx 470 8b or 480 version due to people mentioning they stay very cool.

    im a total noob just learning here now, hard to decide when it costs almost for 2k $ just for cards.
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    Anyone use this card ASUS RX 470 STRIX OC 4GB GDDR5 (OC EDITION)? how much hashrate?
    Anyone use Sapphire Nitro RX 470 8GB, can you tell me what temperature did you get from this card?
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    @jstefanop care to share what clocks & timing strap you were using for those hashrates?
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    I have a strix 470 4gb OC, but this wattman is killing me.
    I'm using these settings:

    Mining with 20-20.5MH/s using claymore and -dcri 2 which is 20MH/s Sia. If I increase dcri by even 1, eth hashrate drops below 15MH/s. Also changing memory from 1650 to 1700mhz does absolutely nothing. No change in hashrate at all.

    Frequency is set to -20%, I cut the screenshot a bit too much. Result is 1000/1700 frequencies.
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    You really need to decide for yourself, all the information is out there, just do the research and decide which one is best for your situation. Don't rely on strangers on the internet to make expensive decisions for you.
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    @jstefanop care to share what clocks & timing strap you were using for those hashrates?

    Never seen him share anything though (not that that is bad :))

    Getting one tomorrow. Will have results later that day :wink:
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    Heliox said:

    @jstefanop care to share what clocks & timing strap you were using for those hashrates?

    Never seen him share anything though (not that that is bad :))
    Good to know. Thanks.
    Heliox said:

    Getting one tomorrow. Will have results later that day :wink:

    Awesome. Can't wait. 470s are the cheapest cards available to me so would love to have a reliable custom ROM.

    Btw thanks for all your efforts. Dainese FTW >:)
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    i finally got some of my 470s.... my god the drivers are awful.
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    with Ubuntu

    I have tested diffrence BIOS Version:

    1. the Normal Standard BIOS
    24 mhs / 200 Watt (whole System)

    2. the OC Standard BIOS
    24 mhs / 240 Watt (whole System)

    3. Change Values with the Polaris Editor
    24 mhs / 190 Watt (whole System)

    What values ​​do I need to change so that I reduce the power and the increasing MHS??

    thx lg Martin
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    Asus strix 470 4gb OC
    Claymore Dual Miner :
    ETH 21 MHz
    DECRED 250 MHz

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    It seems you did only overclock the mem without changing timing. Overclocking the mem on 470 on stock bios is worthless. mine is even slower if I change it to 1750->2000

    We have to wait till someone releases a custom 470 rom, or have to do it ourselves.
    I may give it a shot after I set up my new rig stable.

    I wonder what other little tricks are there in BIOS modding besides clocks/voltages/mem timing...?
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    Hei there :)
    I'm new to mining and I got 5x 470 8GB NITRO recently
    right now I got two crappy power supplys so i connected only 4 of them to the miner.
    getting 600W from the wall with underclock and undervold tweaks - I'll share the settings later.
    but something bugging me, overnight I got a nice 101Mhs (6hr average- nanopool) but now I can see the miner gets "New job from..." all the time but way less "share found" and right now the average dropped to 85Mhs (nanopool stats)
    Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

    I'll get a better power supply today, connect all 5 of the cards to the rig and post my achivements after that for all those sho interested :)
    BTW... any progress on that modded bios? I've heard of the wonders on 480's so what about 470's ??
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    That should be only the pool stats fluctuating. That is normal.
    The PSU can not effect the hashrate this way (trust me, I build custom PSUs for mining).
    If the PSU is weak, it shuts down (or the card/PC shuts down/hangs).
    You cannot have partial performance loss caused by PSU.
  • EpicNodEpicNod Member Posts: 15
    I know that it cannot affect, I'm not new to the computer world :wink:
    I thought maybe some settings wrong or bad pool.. but if you say its normal I belive you, I allways belive to ppl on the internet B) what can go wrong?
    But crappy power supply affect the power efficiency, so that's why i waiting before im posting my results.

    and what do you mean by buiding custom psus?
    you make copper coils yourself? then attach them to pcbs with capacitors and stuff?
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    Test 4:


    ASRock H61Pro BTC Mainboard LGA 1155
    Intel Celeron G1610, 2x 2,6GHz
    4 GB RAM
    Super Flower Leadex 80 Plus Platinum 8Pack Edt. Netzteil - 2000 Watt


    27 mhs / 200 Watt (whole System) - Change Timing from 1750 -> 2000


    now i will test reduce more the mV

    lg MArtin
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