Ethermine Pool Stats - Free Android app

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we made for our friends Android application for checking miners on pool. It's based on JSON data from your account. If you want, try it. You can check miners from your phone.

Ethermine Pool Stats v.1.0.1

- Reported Hashrate (MH/s)
- Effective Current Hashrate (MH/s)
- Effective Average Hashrate (last 24h)
- Unpaid balance of Ether (ETH)
- Current Active Workers
- Time to next Ether
- ETH for minute/hour/day/week/month
- USD for minute/hour/day/week/month
- BTC for minute/hour/day/week/month
- Chart success of mining at the time

If you have any ideas for improvements, let us know.

Download app: Google play store link


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