Why am i downloading 2-5 gigs per day with my dedicated geth box

smaksmak Member Posts: 26
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will maxconnections limit this bandwidth usage? really confused since blockchains only about 30 gigs to date.

running unix, also noticed spikes of 100% CPU usage for 20 seconds at a time till i killed and restarted geth yesterday.. had it running about 20 days straight prior.

but still received over 4gig of data today only.


  • ScripterRonScripterRon Member Posts: 3
    I have maxpeers=50 and typically download around 3GB/day and upload 10GB/day (as reported by vnstat). There is heavy disk and CPU activity while synchronizing but it settles down afterwards.

    Peer-to-peer traffic accounts for some of the bandwidth. So reducing maxpeers will reduce it somewhat. But I didn't notice a big difference between 25 peers and 50 peers (I don't remember the exact numbers now).
  • smaksmak Member Posts: 26
    thanks for your reply and those valid statistics..

    my maxpeers is well below 25 even and i have not been having any uncling issues.

    bandwidth demand seems to have settled today, i just killed the client a few times during 100k+ transaction bouts and after restart it stayed normal for a while.

    gkrellm monitors my cpu, disk and nic usage realtime and i get a nifty chart of daily activity since last reboot, which was months ago.

    hopefully it stays this was i am running Geth/v1.4.10-stable-5f55d95a/linux/go1.6.2
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