Understanding output of python pyethsaletool.py list -w /path/to/your/wallet.json

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Hi guys,

First off I'm happy to join this community and look forward to seeing how I can contribute.

Anyway, my question is after I run the command, I get something like this:

Tx: ABCString
Satoshis: X
Estimated ETH (min): Y
Estimated ETH (max): Z

The number of "Satoshis" = the amount of BTC I sent. The "Estimated ETH (max)" = the amount of Ether corresponding to the amount of BTC sent. What does the "Estimated ETH (min)" correspond to?

Thank you,



  • mids106mids106 Member Posts: 188 ✭✭✭
    I can only guess why it doesn't give the exact ETH amount, probably just because it is more complex to calculate and not really required for the purpose of wallet verification.

    So instead of calculating the exact price of ETH, it gives an upper and lower bound estimation. The minimum is with a price of 1337 ETH/BTC, which will be the exchange rate for the last 6 days of the presale. The maximum is with a price of 2000 ETH/BTC, which is the initial price for the first 14 days.
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