Replay Attacks

themaster2016themaster2016 Member Posts: 20

So I was holding some ETH on Kraken that I was going to transfer back into my account given the whole Bitfinx situation lately I figure it's best to just be safe these days....

I did have a pre-fork account which I split off the ETH / ETC by syncing the old block chain on another computer and copying the private keys to it... After this I then sent my normal ETH with a fully synced support DAO fork to an address I had in Kraken (a new one i created from scratch after the Hard Fork) on my other PC.

After all this I created a new account (obviously after the hard fork - and also should be with geth supporting the Hard Fork).

Can someone confirm with me before I send all my ETH to my new account if I will be safe from any possible replay attack?

I'm pretty sure I will be but would be good to make sure.



  • cryptoniccryptonic Member Posts: 1

    I was also a bit concerned about this replay "attack" thing so I spent some time investigating it. Everything should go just fine with Kraken (I am also using it since the fork).

    Just make sure that the balance on the ETC blockchain for your new local account is 0, before withdrawing the ETH from Kraken.

    After the withdraw: your balance on the ETH blockchain for that new local account should have the coins from Kraken and your balance on the ETC blockchain for that same new local account should still be 0.

    Also, make sure to not ever use this new local account for ETC transactions, only for ETH transactions.

    Then you are safe.

    Your future ETH "send" transactions cannot be replayed on the ETC blockchain because there is no fund for that new account on the ETC blockchain.


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