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I'm a miner. Joined a pool, mined a while got some profit. Isn't that what we do? The ETC / ETH / DAO squabble from the 2 year olds got so bad, I went elsewhere to denigh both coins of my hashing (won't hurt anything or anyone). Results... seemed to freeze my 'immature' and didn't forward it to 'pending' which is payable. If yur mining, the 500+ blocks befofe maturity is NOT figured by the blockchain. Expect a much longer wait ( I said MUCH longer wait). It appears that if you leave the pool, any balance will be frozen and you never get payment. This isn't anything that has left me despearte or out on the street, it's just dispicable, perhaps a signal of how good/bad this coin is.

The bad programming of ETH/DAO lead to this. The 'top 100' married to ETH/DAO agreed and changed the code You are kidding if you thougtht your vote meant anything for most of us. The big (51%+) (last news I heard, it's more like 60%+ "top 100") hold and controll the vote.

The children stomping their feet and holding their breth until they turn blue, are mostly the big guys, but the calm of reason was unable return, even with the voice of @dlehenky and others.

Through the stupid quips and hateful comments...

I'm mining elsewhere right now and sleep well at night.
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