Logo Contest for Ethereum T-shirts

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Hello all,

I’m interested in helping this community out and love the idea behind Ethereum. I was hoping to create some t-shirts around the logo/theme of Ethereum and not sure if someone else has already done this, yet. I wanted the community to give feedback on it and develop which kind we should do. I have my own t-shirt shop so let me know what you think!

The winner of the logo we all decide on will get a free t-shirt! Here are some details:

- Try to keep it to a resolution of 200-300 DP and CMYK color profile but PNG files in RGB are fine also.
- Try to include the something along the lines of what Ethereum is.

If, we get enough entries we’ll do a small vote on which one to have printed out and made available.

Any questions just ask below. Looking forward to what people will come up with!


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