Can mining destroy my graphic card?

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please tell me your opinion...

I tried to mine Ethereum, just to know hashrates and how it all works (because will get ATI card that I want to use for mining). After cca 20 hours of mining while in work, I stopped the script, checked temps (around 60°C on GPU) and did my stuff. After few minutes I started WoW to relax and play for 10 minutes. Then picture stoped to move, but I was able to move with mouse. Then after a minute it restarted whole PC and started normally. This happened 2 times, after this it showed me BSoD with some NVL memory error. Next time it started normally again, but soon again BSoD with another error and with some artefact on blue color. Since then I am unable to run windows. Only after reinstall of Win without drivers and on low-res. While trying to install drivers it shows artefacts and then monitor just go black with no signal.
When I want to start Win, it just show rotatin circle, then freeze and auto restart.

Thanks for any opinion what can be wrong.


Is mb bios current? Yes
CPU: i5 6600K
RAM: 16GB Kingston Hyper X KHX2133C14D4/8G
PSU Make/model/age: Seasonic SSR-650RM 1 year old
SSD/HDD: OS SSD Kingston SH10353240G/ WD Red 3TB for data
OS: Win 10


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    "Kill temperature" is lot more then +60 C. Water boiling point is +100 C! Put extra cooling on, when leaving on house? You can configure to bios, witch temperature system booting/shut down
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