How to Easily Access Your ETC

TeplakyLifeTeplakyLife Member Posts: 6
I was looking for an easy way to access my ETC without spending days downloading the old blockchain and making a new wallet and came up with this.. it works and takes about 5mins.

1. Open your Ethereum Wallet and click Accounts -> Backup -> Accounts and locate an account(s) file that you know you had a balance of before the hard-fork. Check balance here
2. Go to, click "send ether", and click open wallet file. Open and unlock the same wallet file you found in step 1.
3. You will see you ETH balance and ETC balance on the left side. Click ETC Only transfer, and transfer everything to Poloniex or wherever you want.
4. Buy beer with your free money.


P.S. I moved all my ETH to another address as well..



  • fumblingwisdomfumblingwisdom Member Posts: 1
    Dude ! Thanks a ton. I had some ETC trapped in my wallet but no ETH, and could not figure out how to access it and this worked like a charm. Awesome post, super easy way to move your ETC out of your wallet
  • tayvanotayvano LAMember Posts: 20
    edited August 2016
    Two things to note:

    Using the only functions on MyEtherWallet sends through the Replay Safe Contract thingy and some places, ie: Shapeshift and Coinbase, have trouble accepting ETH or ETC from a contract. You would have to manually reach out to them to deal with it if it doesn't show up.

    Polo and Kraken work using this method though.

    If you have any issues or are totally confused and want some hand holding, email us at [email protected] and we can give you a hand. I'd rather have you annoying the heck of out our inbox than lose any funds.
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