Can't get wallet to work or am I having a special people moment

chrisperchrisper Member Posts: 3
I'm new to this. I purchased some ether, it did the validation process, and I got the email. But, the link after I download it doesn't work, open a file or anything. Is there some type of software I need. Am I doing something wrong? So I have no idea what's going on. Please advise. Thanks for your help


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    The wallet is a Json file, which can be opened in textedit or notepad for example. It will not function within the clients until the launch of the livenet. Please do not lose this file, and not dot forget your password (there are no means of recovering these).

  • chrisperchrisper Member Posts: 3
    Hi Stephan
    I just tried to open it in a notepad and got a massive sequence of numbers and letters.

    I looked up Jason file on the internet and got hit with a zillion links for downloads. Should I keep the script that came up on my notepad or should I download one the Json files here on the internet? If so which one should I get. Thanks again for your help
  • Kainedog78Kainedog78 Member Posts: 6
    Here is how I understand it... You do not need to open this file/wallet... you just need to save it in a safe place and do not forget your password. After the livenet launch, later this year or early next year, you will be able to use your wallet as you wish. Until then it is just a file that you need to keep hidden in a very safe place.
  • chrisperchrisper Member Posts: 3
    Ok so I guess just copy it on a USB? Should I also print out the stuff showing on my notepad as well?
    Thank you for your help
  • Kainedog78Kainedog78 Member Posts: 6
    USB for sure!! and print if you would like... all about how secure you want to be. I would definitely get it off your computer though. Maybe a few backups on different USB's placed in different locations.
  • EastSideEastSide Member Posts: 9
    I bought 1000 ETH, saved the wallet to a usb stick.
    Then a bit later I bought another 1000 ETH and was hoping I could use the same wallet, but I didn't see any directions for how to do this.
    So I then saved that wallet to the same usb stick.
    BUT somehow I closed the browser before I saw the 6 confirmations for my 2nd purchase. Is there any way I can CHECK to see if 6 confirmations went through?
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    @eastside. You should be fine, but if you have doubts, open the wallet file with a text editor (make a copy first!!!), copy the bitcoin address (it's labelled as such) and search the blockchain using that address (you can use the search function for example)

    If you find out that the address has unspent funds then you should finalize it using pyethsaletool (see for more info)

    If you're having problems at anytime, please contact [email protected]
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