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Hi, my name is Michael Trout and since 2010 I have been talking, mostly to my self, about foundups replacing startups. Now with ethereum it is possible. Think of Foundups as a decentralized bottom-up business model for launching !nnovation for the people by the people, and Startup are centralized top-down business-model for launching innovation for the few. Here is a linkedin post of mine - btw, "!" = bottom up !nnovation where as "i" = top down innovation. "Comprende?" :) idea = ideas launched and startups, where !dea = !deas launched as foundups. The point of the usage is for me to differentiate between the old and new paradigms. And I think it's important. Also here is a link to the project on LN

1) Foundups validation and free ether crowdfunding widget (extension, plugin for web bowers and social media apps)
A simple plugin that will play a very important role for foundups and crowdfunding on PLAY FOUNDUPS app. Look at Buffer, Pinterest and Ritetag extensions and how they integrate on Hootsuit and FB etc.. Foundups plugin/extensions will be added to many popular social media app or extension in the same way Buffer and Ritetag currently are.

1a) Launch - currently foundups point to our never-ending crowdfunding platform for launching foundups. will look and feel similar to PLAY FOUNDUPS®

SEEKING DEVS with: Chrome, Firefox extension plug-in interest or experience. Facebook API, G+ API, Hootsuit, Twitter, Evernote API and of course ethereum

2) PLAY FOUNDUPS® app- is a mobile app built on ethereum for launching, validating, managing, funding and scaling up foundups. very VIDEO intensive. It will offer the 1st no fee decentralized crowdfunding 2.0 solution (crowdfunding is not now business model) that we project will disrupt centralized crowdfunding 1.0 (kickstarter, Indigogo etc). All the designing has been done for this app. All that needs to do is build it on ethereum.

SEEKING DEVS with: Java, php, html5, youtube api. autonomous agent, google map api, GEO location, augmented reality and of course ethereum


  • FoundupsFoundups Fukui JapanMember Posts: 9
    bah, sorry for the typos. got distracted and silly timer ran out. Why have a timer... it's murder for us adhd dyslexics visionaries that juggle 100 things at once :p
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