ETC mining more profitable than ETH as of right now.

pleasestandbypleasestandby Member Posts: 25
As title says, I'm pretty sure ETC is more profitable to mine than ETH right now. There is an ethash pool at miningpoolhub and it's on ETC, I also did a quick profit calculation and it came out in favor of ETC too. Just sayin... maybe worth looking into.


  • chrizzochrizzo GermanyMember Posts: 131 ✭✭
    Yeah thats possible, but ETC will never have chance like ETH. My and some experts opinions.
  • pleasestandbypleasestandby Member Posts: 25
    I have miningpoolhub set to autoexchange of course.
  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    As long as you're managing to dump it rapidly (handy to have MPH auto-exchange here) so you don't get stuck with it, and don't mind that you're supporting the losing fork and essentially being complicit with TheDarkDAO... sure, mine your heart out. Can use MPH's auto-switching port too so you'll automatically mine whatever is most profitable in that moment.

    Personally, when I've done the math and considered lag time between mining and exchanging, ETC has never actually looked worth mining. Not to mention I'd rather just avoid adding more network strength to the losing chain.
  • hasherhasher Member Posts: 642 ✭✭✭
    I was also considering mining ETC, but after my first experience with crappy ETC pools that are always down, I gave up. I'll just keep on mining ETH, even if it means i'm missing out on a bit of profit.
  • garrett92895garrett92895 Member Posts: 39
    I'm just going to enjoy the reduced network hashrate for ETH for the time being
  • th00berth00ber Member Posts: 213 ✭✭
    ETH et ETC are really near in daily income.
    But ETH has the support of the original dev team and is the main project ... that's why I prefer not to support ETC.
    And even if the hard-fork has been seen as a system of gouvernance and dev interaction, I think it has actually being well appreciated by investors and increase confidence in the whole system.

    because when Madoff or others big shark in finance has stolen millions, nothing can be done.
    here we have the log on everything and even crisis can still be handled ... I thinj it's a good thing :)
  • ldrapeauldrapeau Member Posts: 89
    I was also tempted to switch to ETC, but I decided to stick with ETH, user "th00ber" resumed it very well. We have to support the guys we trust, in good times and bad times. Imagine if evolution would of never existed, we would not be here, so I think things need to evolve, and for that you have to some time make changes, and that is what the ETH community decided to do. Anyway it's good to see all the attention around Ethereum, may it be ETC ot ETH, have fun with witch ever you feel comfortable.
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