Strategically -- what is the first app to build?

Lots of ideas, lots of potential. In terms of our distributed existence, variety of skill-sets, locations in life, perceptions of the world, etc -- what is our strategy to get Etherium sustainable?

That is, it seems to me, that we want to create an app that we can start to use as a community that is user friendly to open up to the world, while attracting money flow, thus creating a money stream to fund the various projects that are being suggested here. I'll call this the 'point-app' -- though perhaps this concept has already been brought up and named.

I'd like to contribute my ideas, network and apps -- I just wanted to establish whether the notion of this *non-centralised strategy* attracts any attention, and whether the *point-app* is valid.


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    Well, from a pure infrastructure perspective: Search engine (discovery mechanism), NameReg, then reputation systems. All decentralized, and first to market so that they become the leaders immediately as opposed to being controlled by a centralized entity (AKA the developer of the browser).

    From a commercial perspective, I reckon something along the lines of is needed, but decentralized.

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    Here's one way to help identify a potential point-app for Ethereum: If Bitcoin and block chain technology creates an Internet of Money, then Ethereum's programmability creates an Internet of Trust. And within an Internet of Trust there could exist an Internet of Consensus. A reputation app could definitely fit the bill for that. If it was built right, it could encompass the reputation monitoring of everything, even ideas, concepts and intellectual works, independent of their owners or creators. Which in turn, could become the basis for determining the trusted value of everything...
  • avsaavsa Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    * colina whor value is pegged to an external currency

    * data feeds

    * decentralized markets to buy those currencies and exchange them

    * DAOs

    * self changing scripts that update according to approval by the DAO rules

    * git like tracker to changes so a contract can be worked on the side and then forked back to the original user base according to DAO rules.

    * DAOs with rules for hiring and managing people and assets

    * now rebuild all the contracts so they will be constabulary buit and updated according to the previous rules
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    @avsa: not very specific !

    Not the strategic <i>first</i> app, if web 3.0 works well... Search engines! @maciejolpinski or vlad_zamfir mentioned it to me, didnt think about them before that..

    Should try find a way to limit network effect. Maybe a search engine that combines inputs, and draws everyone writing search engines into the single portal, because people use it, and it sends revenues back based on its estimate of how well the different approaches work. It'd have to be an essentially uncontrolled entity.
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    Stephan and Myk, reputation system is on point, and I'd agree. I'm not sure about how commercial the crowd-founding app might be as a starter, @Stephan_Tual‌, unless people are putting money in what they want to see built.

    Search is clearly important, @Jasper‌, however, I am hoping that a system built on ethereum might leverage existing relationships. I believe trust-building is the primary target, and this will accelerate all aspects, including money flow and further builds. Thus, search comes after an obvious attractor for non-technical bods in the real world, imho.

    I can see that this notion of distributed strategy isn't a big attractor. Nor the proposal of a 'point-app' to concentrate on with our limited resources. Looks like another wild-west approach.
  • lunchtimelunchtime VancouverMember Posts: 11
    See my post for what my idea of a huge-impact and strategic development based on ethereum would be
  • lunchtimelunchtime VancouverMember Posts: 11
    "From a commercial perspective, I reckon something along the lines of is needed, but decentralized."

    I also like this idea. Where people can collaborate on projects together, and through ethereum their ownership / contribution is tied into the business pool, payouts can be trusted and automatic for completed work and profit-sharing. Simply get signed into the project, have your contribution turned into a % share and get hustlin'!.

  • micmic Member Posts: 7
    I would love to see a really simple app function and interact in the physical world. Like have a livestreaming camera recording a 3D printer that automatically activates and prints a certain object depending on which address someone sends Ether to.
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