DAO fork - ETH vs ETHC

So guys, I'm really confused here, what is going to happen now?

I understand that now we have to chains after hardfork, most of my ether was mined before the fork and I even had a problem with wallet not displaying incoming transactions because it was synced with ETHC chains, figured it out, changed the settings, balances are ok now.

BUT here is the big question - honestly I dont care about DAO people, all I can see and care about is this:

1) DAO fork has 95% of miners on it and will probably dominating fork, so I want to stay on it
2) How do I make my ethers secure now? So that nothing happens to them, all those replay attacks etc etc, all this is very confusing

What I'm planning to do is this:

Create a new wallet on a new machine, based on DAO fork, when I create new key like this, I presume it should be embedded into DAO fork and should not be reflected in non-DAO chain - is that correct? Then I simply transfer all my ether to this new wallet, and once it goes through blockchain, then it should be secured on DAO-fork.

So I don't want to play with ETH vs ETHC game etc etc, I have a feeling ETHC will die eventually, but anyway. I just want my fund be protected.

Frankly at this stage I don't want to mess with smart contracts or transfer my balances between exchanges my wallet etc, as it complicated matter even more.

So BIG QUESTION - is that sufficient to create new wallet, using newest wallet, set wallet to DAO fork, then transfer all ethereum to that account, forget about other accounts - will that secure the funds against any bugs, attacks etc?

P.S. Just personal opnion, don't read unless you are bored - Vitalik and all the other people in community who pushed through this DAO fork - I think you are all stupid and simply pursue your own interest, at the same time compromising the integrity of the system, ethereum is not the same anymore in my view. I don't care about DAo in a sense that I just want my funds to be secure, however I do care about DAO in a broad sense of a system. Remember financial crisis 2008 ? - Slogan "Too big to fail"? Well this is it - CODE MUST BE THE LAW, if you don't have the skills to put the smart contract in place properly, then DO NOT DO IT, if you do decide to put something as complex as DAO, DO FACE THE RISK and deal with the consequences, if something went wrong.

So the bottom line is that, ok you did solve the problem of DAO, at the expense of compromising the whole idea of ethereum and blockchain integrity behind it, and secondly you potentially openned up door for bugs and problems for a huge amount of "regular" users of ethereum out there. All in all, I think this is much bigger threat to ethereum system, then was DAO problem on its own. If you were to let happen to DAO whatever should've happened according to rules, well so be it, but that would mean that system works. Right now you demonstrated to everyone, that system does not work, and it can and in fact was manipulated by some "centralized" authority. Which is lame.


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