Need help/advice on how to sell my Ethereum quick

mc33mc33 Member Posts: 2
So, bought in on the presale when it first started, was planning on sticking it out for the longhaul, but lost my job a few months back and unfortunately times are getting tough as I've been out of work longer than expected. I'm wondering if there is any place/forum around that people know about where I could make a quick sale, that I won't have to worry about getting scammed on. I don't have a large amount, about 62.9 if I remember correctly, but right now the $700.00 or so I could get for it could go a long ways. I know there are sites like Kraken but I've heard the selling, and transferring it to USD can take quite a long time, which unfortunately, I don't really have that right now... but if anyone knows of anything or any legit site or safe way to do it, please let me know.... Thanks!


  • RussianGiraffe13RussianGiraffe13 Member Posts: 4
    bitfinex is instant eth to usd it is also one of the largest bitcoin trading platforms (20% of all btc) it has good reviews but i think there might be a $20 fee for withdrawing to bank accounts its better to convert from eth to btc then sell by moneygram or western union
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