Who sells the Radeon R9 295x2 GPU?

cclarkcclark Member Posts: 6
I've searched for two different GPU's listed on this website:


But have not been able to find them new on websites like Amazon and Newegg. Has Sapphire Technology stopped making the Radeon R9 295x2 unit? I e-mailed the company to ask, but wanted to see if anyone here knows.



  • MetzMetz Member Posts: 126 ✭✭
    They have not formatted the article properly -

    What they mean is that they have used 2 x R9 295's to get 51MHs or 25.5MHs per card.

    There would be cheaper, less power hungry cards that can mine at a similar rate e.g. the XFX RX 480 (AMD) can mine at around 24MHs
  • cclarkcclark Member Posts: 6
    I see, I thank you. I was under the impression that the R9 295 was two GPU's on a single card.

    Where do you typically purchase from?
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    the R9 295x2 is a dual graphics card. They haven't made them for quite sometime. It was the successor to the HD7990. It IS 2 r9 290x gpus on the same PCB.

    They have since come out with a dual 390 version as well.

    Ebay is probably the only place to get them.
  • cclarkcclark Member Posts: 6
    Thanks @shutfu - I had a feeling they stopped making it. In terms of max annual earnings, what's the best GPU on the market at the moment?
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