Maritime contract & escrow project

HadrienHadrien MaltaMember Posts: 17 ✭✭
Hello world.

Smart contracts apply perfectly to the Maritime Industry.

This discussion is to throw the bases of Ethereum based Maritime Contracts.
Will be uploaded the generic structure of Maritime Contracts (mainly for shipping), provided by Ganado Advocates (based in Malta).

The project is to script generic Ethereum based contracts extrapolated from the lawyers generic contracts.

Thank you for your time & attention.




  • chris613chris613 Member Posts: 93 ✭✭
    This sounds like fun. If you post the details of the contract, I bet we can collectively sort out which parts ethereum can code for and then develop at least a skeleton of the sort of framework required for these sorts legal contracts.

    The conversion of functional parts of legal contracts to blockchain-secured code is a very exciting prospect for me.
  • HadrienHadrien MaltaMember Posts: 17 ✭✭
    awaiting the lawyers to revert.
    Once we have a prototype, I will happily present it to relevant parties (with proper feedback to the Community).
    Ganado Advocates is one of the main Maritime lawyer's firm in Malta, country which has one of the biggest fleet of merchant vessels in the world. (it's a small country, and news spread fast ;) )
  • MattMatt Member Posts: 1
    I agree maritime contacts would be a good idea. I'm not a tax expert but from what I understand in counties where the tax authority doesn't treat btc as money, payment of domestic taxes is complicated and makes btc unusable. But these taxes are not applied to international supply of services such as shipping.
  • wetplantwetplant Member Posts: 16
    I am a lawyer / law professor in the US and would love to help out.
  • jamescarljamescarl Member Posts: 6
    Hey @wetplant‌ && @Hadrien‌ I'm a Computer Science Student from the US and I am willing to help with this project if we can set up a meeting over skype it would be neat to see what we could accomplish. This is really new territory and is really exciting.
  • sillytunasillytuna Member Posts: 38 ✭✭
    edited September 2014
    We're working on a platform that will allow this kind of project to be quickly developed as a third party app.

    I think such applications need a centralised component personally. It can be argued that they may not need anything decentralised other than money or digital assets capable of being moved by the contract - to give it 'teeth'. The contract itself could run on a mix of real world legal frameworks (as now), trusted 3rd party, and Ethereum - depending upon the pros/cons of each.

    My understanding is that a lot more automation would be beneficial in this shipping area but I don't have a direct contact with sufficient knowledge to know the detail or how it could be made practical given real world physical implementation issues.
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