POTENTIAL SCAM - http://pool.ethereumclassic.com

kilo17kilo17 Member Posts: 31
I have been using that pool software on my pool miningeth.com for a few months. I can tell you that it took longer to change the text on his front page than it does to Enable Payouts. Be very careful, there are Reddit posts about it being a scam as well.


  • greenusergreenuser 50.8862°N 4.5537°WMember Posts: 439 ✭✭
    Yes, many people waiting for payouts. etc.nanopool.org have also started this service. They pay every 6 hours
  • TermieTermie Member Posts: 130
    from pool's main page:

    Payouts have not been run for pure technical reason.
    The pool had been started as internal and due to the rush to launch the pool by the time of hardfork we just did not have time to setup the payouts. No worries. Everything that you mined are safe with the pool and will be payed out shortly.

    lol. Like other pool admins wrote, enable payouts is a matter of minutes with this pool software.
  • snowcap420snowcap420 Member Posts: 19
    edited July 2016
    I can confirm that I have received payment from this pool to my poloniex address.I only mined a short time but I just pointed a 6 card rig back at there pool so stayed tuned Ill report back.
  • TermieTermie Member Posts: 130
    jouh, also received my first payment finally.
    Nevertheless these manually payouts sucks @pool.ethereumclassic.com in such a way while ETC rate goes up. At every other pool automatic payouts are self-evident, so why not at your pool?!
  • snowcap420snowcap420 Member Posts: 19
    Things are screwed up over there I dont think they set up the pool software correctly the round share doesnt seem normal and stats stopped working hours ago I did get another payout but it hasnt showed up in my wallet yet.
    I switched to a better pool so far check it out everything works correctly in the stats and there at 0% fee for now.I have two rigs on there pool.


    You can see there running same software but it works correctly.

    Happy Mining
  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    Still lots of people mining here. Are they doing payouts properly now, or people still having problems?
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