So when you guys dont receive payments from the pools your mining from what do you do ?

Jeffro89Jeffro89 Member Posts: 5
So been mining on WeiPool, which is a pretty unreliable pool, why i did not move to a reliable pool sooner i dont know, lazyness is probably the main thing. The damn pool is down for at least 24 hours a month. It literally came back online yesterday after being offline for roughly 20 hours.

Ive gt 2 280's on my rig just a hobby mining rig. I have been always getting just under 1 Eth when i get a payout and i think this is fair for the cards i have. Recently i have been getting these crazy payouts, check this out. Sorry for the size of the Image

As you guys can see Thursday the 21st was my last normal payment. I have not received a payment since then, but it is showing as i have been paid when i havent. My balance is currently 4eth when i should be around 31 plus eth. As shown by the payments i have not received I tried emailing the support who only reply once a year so i dont expect any reply soon. Either way my cards have generated some crazy hashes over the last few days and i aint been paid for them.

I have changed pools obviously, i have tried tracing the devs and the people behind weipool but as you guys know these guys never let you have any easy access directly to them so they can make a quick escape when needed.

What would you guys do ?




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