Developer needed to Create a DAO

lukeconnelllukeconnell Member Posts: 1
Developer needed to create a DAO and token. Hourly rate/Fixed price negotiable.

DAO summary:
This DAO will control a token representiving shares in the DAO.
The token can be purchased by sending ether to the DAO controlled wallet address. Tokens will then be assigned to the senders ether address at a set ratio of tokens to 1 ether. There will be two groups of token holders each receiving a different ratio to ether.
The token will have two groups of token holders, each with different voting rights.
Group A and Group B can submit proposals to Group A.
Only Group B can submit proposals to Group B.
The voting periods can be changed by a majority vote of Group B.
The tokens and voting rights can be transferred to another ether address once a specified time after the token sale period has concluded.
If there is a 50/50 outcome in the vote, the voting cycle will be extended for a specified time until a majority vote is achieved.
Ether received from the token sale can only be released by the DAO to a specified address contained in a proposal after that proposal has been approved by Group B. (to be discussed).

Additional functionality requires discussion.


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