Kardashian 1.0

oci8oci8 Member Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

A slightly modified Diana contract with much lower fees. 1.9x payout.
Enter by sending between 0.01 and 100 Ether. It is more of a way for me to see how and if contracts work before I deploy an original one.

Address: 0xf93CA51746cE6e1cc2485C534EEBe71AE987a7aD
Contract verified : https://etherscan.io/address/0xf93CA51746cE6e1cc2485C534EEBe71AE987a7aD#code

eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.accounts[0], value: web3.toWei(1, 'ether'), to: '0xf93CA51746cE6e1cc2485C534EEBe71AE987a7aD', gas: 250000})
add ABI & address from etherscan to Ethereum Wallet.

Be the first to send and you will probably double your money. :smile:
Thanks a lot for testing!


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