The Social Economy

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With the world hooked into social networking, perhaps we should use the blockchain to store human requests instead of numerical currency.

The project I'm working on is based in making requests of our friends. The options would be to accept, forward (forwarding it back to the sender would effectively be a refusal), or split it up into smaller tasks to delegate to other people. At first, requests would be broadcasted in the form of a link on social media services (like gchat, FB, email, etc). Given that the request would store the contact information of each participant, the blockchain distribution would allow even the distant connections to have a means to connect with all participants in the project.

For example: I send a request to a sociable friend to "host a party." They accept, but they also delegate the party tasks to other friends. They make requests of their other friends, such as "bring food" and "bring music." These may be passed along and broken up even further. Eventually friends and extended friends will accept at least a few of the tasks, and they'd be able to view each other's contact information to directly coordinate for the project.

In theory, this system could also reach into larger societal functions. If the layman used their connections to reach out to farmers for what they need, and farmers could reach out to manufacturers for what they need, we'd have the foundation of a system of voluntary labor that is as flexible as human creativity.

Whaddya think?


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    So in essence, you are talking about a gift economy, where people by themselves delegate down connections of trust and reputation?

    They havent been build yet, but you might be able to avoid using the direct lines of trust/reputation, and use implied trust/reputation from a system that tries estimate it.

    And maybe there sort-of should be a backstop against abuse. For instance paying buy/sell services in a subcurrency. Of course, this goes against the point of a gift economy! However you could give every member an income of this subcurrency,(UBI) perhaps to a maximum. In essence that helps ensure that the members 'basically' just give to each other, because they will have an income anyway. But they dont entirely fail to 'feel' the costs they make. It is important in this system that each person only has one account.

    The additional advantage is that if some good/service in the system is externally desired, the subcurrency can be sold, and bring money into the gift economy. Whereas it used to be that this 'had to be' given away.

    Sorry that i 'add' so much here... The UBI-coin that i kindah want to exist in the future needs people to value its purpose, as intrinsically, when you issue more coins, the coins tend to drop in value. So people need internal extra motivations to do it. I.e. it is a 'gift', it fits the gift economy. Also, I expect the 'one human ~1 account' needs a network of people that avoids people having multiple accounts.(although it may not just be the network, there may be investigators paid in the subcurrency)
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    Here is a proposal for a Social Economy, including a Basic Income, Membership Donations and a salary for volunteers, for the The People's Republic of DOUG - Ethereum based decentralized organization by androlo
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