Alethzero misc questions (Win7)

akhanakhan Member Posts: 1
With a little under 2 decades of development experience I consider myself to be a well seasoned developer. However I must confess I am finding it somewhat challenging getting up to speed with the Ethereum environment!! Going forwards I'm sure I'll have lots of questions but for now I have I seem to be struggling with some of the basics and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some color... I come from a windows background so decided to try to get myself up and running using the guide ( Building the Alethzero client was pretty straightforward, I only had two minor issues

1. When installing CMake 3.0+, it failed to update my PATH environment variable, which I had to do manually
2. When running the msbuild, Windows was picking up the wrong version of msbuild

So now onto the questions (in no particular order)...

1. When firing up Alethzero I get the following msgs... I am assuming these are not normal?

2. The browser window does not work (related to the above??). For example if I type in nothing happens (see client and command window below)

3. I seem to have a bunch of missing windows in my client (see comparison client below), i.e. Mining, Pending, Settings, Contrib??

4. How do you cleanly shutdown the client? The File | Quite just closes the GUI, but the command window stays open
5. When trying to create my first contract how do I commit (if I don't have a pending window)?

Waiting in anticipation!!


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