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Good morning,

I am trying to create a new crypto with this ethereum guide

I used Solidity online compiler and it seems everything is working fine. However when I try to deploy it in geth with in a local blockchain where I gave to my addres 20millions of ether I am getting "not enough gas error". It seems that I am getting the errors on those contracts that have no byteCode associated i.e. in web3 deploy they have the data variable empty ??¿??.

For example in the "in a hurry" code there's two contracts: tokenRecipient and MyToken. The second one I got mined with no problem but the first one ( I don't even know what it is for ) is where I am getting the error.

Can anyone kindly help me on this ?. I am completely stucked.

Thanks very much for your help and time.

Best regards,



  • KenPatelKenPatel Member Posts: 1
    Hi Salvador,
    I am not sure I am answering your question but am posing another question. But since your further ahead maybe you can guide me. Sorry to disappoint you with my own question rather than a solution for your query.
    Basically I am trying to create a crypto currency and using the Solidity code. As I try to add the initial supply in MyContract it does not like it. What am I missing?
    Also when I try to add it as an absolute value it says

    I am unable to create the crypto currency, it gives an error saying You do not have enough ether to move.
    Any help will be appreciated
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