How to create a named Contract?

Hi,I played alethZero for a while, I was able to get my own address a name, BUT how can I get my contract named?


  • HYCHYC Member Posts: 4
    Is it how NameReg works?
    The Creator of NameReg could insert any name-addr pair, anyone else could just register name associate with their own address.
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    @HYC yes, however its existence doesn't preclude the creation of alternatives. You can find a few thread on distributed 'domain name registration' around these forums.
  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    If you look at the examples, the bank, splitter and currency register themselves with the Name registry.

    Currently what you do is call the name registry contract, sending the name you want to them.(2d0aceee7e5ab874e22ccf8d1a649f59106d74e8 in the examples, but the address may change) Note that if the name already exist at the point your call arrived, you will not get the name.

    In the future it will be possible to register your own name registries, and presumably the client will show them something like this: name_you_got.name_your_namereg_gives (though it might not be a dot) I suppose you could make the 'top' name registry configurable in the client, but it suffers from the problem that people need to be able to share the names and agree! I tend to think there needs to be a 'top' name registry. This could be fine, if we can design it to require no control from any particular group, although we might also want to avoid name-hoarding on existing domains in particular. (still an open problem)
  • HYCHYC Member Posts: 4
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    @Jasper that sounds a little non-intuitive.
  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    What about it is non-intuitive? To claim a name, you ask NameReg for it, and if someone didnt already take it, you own it. To find out who has some name, ask namereg. Can't get simpler than that.
  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
    Namereg is a tentative, prototype implementation of a name registration mechanism. While some of the reference clients will leverage it, it will be easily switched by specifying a new contract address and the market will decide what's the optimal solution.
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