390 Nitro 39 MH/s running at 55-60 C for 6 days

pleasestandbypleasestandby Member Posts: 25

You mentioned in this post that your 390 Nitro's post the numbers in the title (39 MH/s, 55-60 C).

Gotta say it, bro you're a genius.

How did you get these numbers?

I want to know everything.

I've found a bunch of different posts and managed to gather you're using:

Bios: Custom 390 nitro rom
Cc: 1260
Mem clock: 1500

What model number is the card you're using? Is it this: https://amzn.com/B015DXHEAW ?
Is the custom rom you're using in your rom package? (http://www.mininghwcomparison.com/RomPackage.zip)
What mining client are you using ?
What is your config.txt or your command line string?

Is there anything else I should know to get those numbers?

Are you using water cooling?

Do you think you just won the silicon lottery or is this possible on all cards with the same model #/ manufacturer?

You da best



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