Invalid Sender when I use ethereumjs-accounts + web3 + web3hookedPRovider

sdevmichaelsdevmichael Member Posts: 4
I am basically creating keys in my browser using ethereumjs-accounts and then sending a signed transaction using web3hooked provider . Sometimes the transaction goes through but most of time I get Invalid Sender error . Sometimes even though the tranaction goes thru , I still see the transaction in queue state ,not in pending state . I see similar issue here.( Any one have any solution for this ?


  • ZikileminiZikilemini Member Posts: 9
    Can you details every thing about your transaction ? Gas used, gas price, sender, receiver, data, nonce etc if you know it.
  • sdevmichaelsdevmichael Member Posts: 4
    I am doing a simple transaction

    from: $("web3_fromAddress").value
    , to: $("web3_toAddress").value
    , value: web3.toWei($("web3_value").value, 'ether')
    , gas: 300000
    }, function(err, result){
    var html = '';

    html = 'There was an error with the transaciton: ' + String(err);
    html = 'The transaction went through succesfully, hash: ' + String(result);

    $("web3_result").innerHTML = html;
  • sdevmichaelsdevmichael Member Posts: 4
    Sender and receiver address are generated by ethereum accounts
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