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Did they remove the IP addresses text fields just below "To authorize please enter full IP " ?


(not my wallet, just sample :smile: )


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    yeah its gone for me haha. derp derp derp
  • TermieTermie Member Posts: 130
    Am I the only one who suppose that mining results at Dwarfpool goes downward above-average since the last DAG change? Yeah I know, pool luck, difficulty blah, but with 90 MH/s my earnings goes down from average 0.82-0.84 ETH last two days ago to 0.71 ETH today, that´s ~15% less. Anyone else?
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    Mining on dwarf is crazy... you're litterally throwing away income. Try MiningPoolHub or ethermine.

    Dwarf doesn't pay uncle inclusion rewards or transaction fees. You're donating that (plus another 1% fee) to the already fat pockets of a pool operator that hasn't cared in ages.
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    Your more than welcome to come and try us at https://etherite.com

    We are a new pool that started 2 weeks ago and we have ground to over 40 miners. We are currently 0% fees and we pay all rewards (uncles, transaction fees) and we also pay all payout transaction fees!
  • ethermine_rocksethermine_rocks Member Posts: 228
    Almost same applies to our pool! All miners are welcome! We have regular and fair payouts, we payout balances above 0.2ETH every hour, dislike dwarf we pay all miner rewards.
  • hitchpoolhitchpool Member Posts: 45
    http://www.hitchpool.org joining in. You can also set your own payment threshold at our pool (and it works :-) )
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    how can a pool take 0% fees, pay all rewards (uncles & blocks) and also pay all transaction fees?

    What sort of a business model it that? What do you pay your employees and how do you get around the local labour laws. Is it forced labour? Is the electricity stolen? Is the building squatted or illegally occupied? Are you in Syria or Africa? Or are you just philanthropic and registered as a charity? Or is it an arm of an already existing business and just a way of pushing up your overheads so you don't pay tax? I just don't understand.

    What happend to fair trade and workers rights?
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  • ethermine_rocksethermine_rocks Member Posts: 228
    greenuser, by all means you are correct, low or no fees model is a bad business model, one that does not advocate pool upgrading and promoting on a proper level, the cost of running a pool and all costs related to further develop and promote drain initial release funds provided by pool owner or pool admin. Unfortunately, this is a MUST. World of crypto pools is dominated by several large pools who hash away most of the network blocks and set their own rules and standards, frequently cheating miners for profits or such without a proper way to prove this other than the difference in what different online profite calculators say and real world income from mining at such pools. This is so obvious but nevertheless most miners dont really care or they complain but get hushed very easily. There has been several minor pools released (different versions of same or similar open code pools - our pool included ethermine.rocks) that appear to want to set a different set of rules more transparent and just for miners present. Fees to such small pools should be applied to help pool admins pay costs and development and also to motivate pool admins to further invest their time in running such pools. Again unfortunately even though small to medium pools can be a very profitable place to mine (considering also there is no theft of shares, hashing or unexplained downtimes), communication with pool ops is usually at high level, even tho all this is given most miners do not point their miners but rather stay where they are. One more thing, small pools do provide higher income for miners present. You can review payouts pages for comparable hashrates on different pools and you will conclude that profit is good, but block variances are usually high (resembles solo mining in a way) so I guess this is another important fact why some miners rather stay on large pools with lower income. This is understandable but very hard to explain to miners that the fact is that our smaller pools don't really need dwarfpools hashrate to have constant block flow and keep profitability above average for all miners present at pool.

    SO, if you take a closer look at whats going on you will find out that low or no pool fees is pool ops way to get fellow mners to listen to them and try to give them an additional motive to come over to pool so to secure enough hashrate and pool profitability.

    Other than that zero on very low pool fees are a drain to pool owner pocket.

    Not to mention centralization of ethereum network in mining, dwarf was only a couple of % from taking over the entire network on one side and then on the other side there is eth.pp.ua and ethereumpool.co and ethpool.org and ethermine.org all run by same people, most miners think these are separate pools but they are not. check out this early post from their thread:

    ethpool.pp.ua UkraineMember Posts: 48 ✭
    October 2015
    Of course, maybe you are rigth, but ethpool.pp.ua != ethpool.org .
    Thanks for remark.
    We will be rename later.

    I really hope fellow miners will give us a proper chance to do some real changes around here so I ask again please consider mining with us!

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    @greenuser New Business: Run at a loss to attract customers to build market share and reputation, then increases prices, while remaining competitive.
  • greenusergreenuser 50.8862°N 4.5537°WMember Posts: 439 ✭✭
    @dlehenky thanks, yes, don't worry, i understand.... but there is no future in mining ethereum with PoS looming.
    @ethermine_rocks thank you for responding.
    Pools and Ethereum team are treating miners as Precariat.
    Moreover it is evidence that "trickle down" is a scam.
    Bitcion worked because it was supported by the people who didn't trust the banks.
    Ethereum will only work if it is supported by the current banking establishment. Ethereum has so far been able to build public bridges with the mainstream financial world. Tests were run by 11 banks on a private version of the network in January so come PoS, the only revolution, will have been the automation of the current corrupt banking system. Loads of back office jobs gone and a world full of crypto derivatives. And the mining community will have facilitated that.

    I got into bitcoin as part of the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation.
    Today i moved all my eth to bitcoin and shut down my mine. I may run it for short durations 3 times per week to dry my washing and i might use your pool. But it will be when i need to dry my washing rather than run my tumble dryer and not to support the network or the Mining Pool Cartels.

    I've picked my side, Good luck, you gonna need it.
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    I'm done with Dwarfs crappy pool. I have had constant connection issues every few days, email monitoring stopped working. Zero response from admins after several emails. I'm loving Coinotron zero issues with slightly better hashrate.
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