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I suspect that I have a bad mother board. I double check the specs on the board and it supports up to 16gb at 1600 mhz. I took the ram that was working in slot b and plugged it in slot A. I turned on my computer and got nothing. So I am only running on 8gb in slot b. Would I need more to run on windows 10? I plan on running 6 gpu's. When I plug in a gpu to the 16x pci slot on the mother board it can be detected. When I unplug it and use powered usb riser, I get nothing. I am also not getting anything when I use the powered usb riser to plug in my other gpu's. How do you get windows 10 to detect the other gpus? I have plugged in both the 6+2 pin and the 6 pin on back of my 390's and into the power source? Maybe it is a rail issue? would you have any advice on that? My psu is a 80+ Gold 1300w EVGA PSU. Please help. I really really appreciate it. Thank you.


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    On the ram you are fine with 8 GB i use 4 on some of my rigs but I like 8 better on 6 GPUs. Why it makes a difference I do not know you will have to ask some one smarter than me it just seems to be more stable. I have had a problem when you use under 4 on windows 10 of it not using all the cards. The loading the dag file bombs.

    On the risers there is another thread on here that trouble shoots about everything I have came across with risers.

    #1 problem with risers for me is them going bad. If you have one working then your rigs freezes, bombs, loops, or looses a card (most common for me.) check the risers. On occasion I have had a riser from GPU say 5 go out and it bombs like 5,4,3 even though 4 and 3 had good risers. Again ask some one smarter than me I don't know why.

    #2 power issues. The riser draw a lot more power than I thought they would They also are meant to be powered with a 5V leg (red and black) and a 12V leg (yellow and black) I might have that backwards @rdnkjdi will know for sure. The riser will work if both legs are 12v but not for long it will get really hot and fry it. If you are using a molex that does not have both legs then the riser will not work and it will act like there is nothing plugged in. I would get a little meter and test the legs to see what they are pulling. If both sides are pulling the same amount you have problems. Also you will know for sure that way if your riser is getting power.

    #3 PCIE 3.0 problems. Again this is something I do not understand completly @dlehenky AKA smartguy could probably tell you a lot more about this than I can.

    In the BIOS there is a option on most motherboards to throttle your PCIE slots down to 1.0 or 2.0

    I think of it a lot like USB 3.0 vs 2.0. The 3.0 PCIE is a lot fast but whenever you use a riser the riser is using 1.0 so on some motherboards it has helped a lot to throttle everything in the BIOS down to 1.0. I have not had this keep me from seeing a card but it has seemed to help with stability a lot.

    That is what I would start out with trying If i were you.
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    I have to same PSU. It's not a rail problem with just a couple cards. You don't say what GPUs you have, so we don't know what your total power draw is likely to be. What MB? Have you connected the risers to the PSU? Some MB will take a x1 riser in the x16 slot, others won't. Anyway, more info would be good. :)

    8 GB is more than enough memory.
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    Thank you both for the quick replies. I have h81 pro btc mother board with an intel I5 3570 LGA1155 cpu. I have the 3 xfx 1015 dd r9 390 and 3 visiontek r9 390. Sorry for not giving out more info I was really tired. Been going at it for over 30 hrs now. Thank you in advance
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    Well, first off you're not going to run 6x 390 on 1 1300w PSU, it'll be 4 tops for stock cards. Second, I use that MB running 6 GPUs (Nanos) on USB powered risers without any issues on Ubuntu 14.04 server. You should try to run the 15.12 AMD drivers, not the latest drivers, since 15.12 has been well tested with a variety of mining software and GPUs. Although, some folks have reported stable results with the latest AMD drivers for Windows. To start with, I'd put one GPU in the x16 slot and 1 one a riser and go from there. If the one on the riser isn't seen, swap the card, retest, swap the riser, retest, etc.
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    My plan is to undervolt my 390 to hash at 27mhs and draw 160watts, with that setting I should be ok with the 1300w psu, right? I am already running cat 15.12 and my os is windows 10. I am reading the the other thread on here and following each tip and I will report back if I can or cannot get the mobo to read my gpus. Thanks
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    Cleared Cmos and started all over. Double check all connections and if everything is seated properly. Ram slot A still does not work but At least Its reading the second card now :) Thank you @dlehenky and @Ikeago for your quick replies.
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    Wasted 3 days of my life. It was a faulty mobo. Replace with a new h81 pro btc motherboard and everything works fine.
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    Great news! Yep, the H81s and H97s are great, but the QA sometimes sucks. I've had a number of bad ones, but when they are good, they're hard to beat, especially for the price. I got in the habit of ordering an extra one here and there and making sure the bare board would boot into BIOS with just the CPU and memory before proceeding. I can't tell you how many rigs I've put together, just to tear them down again and replace the MB; on one occasion, two bad MBs in a row. Happy mining! :)
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    Calivet said:

    Wasted 3 days of my life. It was a faulty......

    Welcome to mining! However; there has been no time wasted here, you have improved you fault finding skills. Well done.

    When you have some extra time... Look over your faulty board with a magnifier or jewellers eye glass to see if there is damage, i.e. dull or cracked dry solder joints, broken pin in a connector, chipped, cracked or damaged component... it you can see damage, YOU, with some help from forums.... may be able to fix it.
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    Its still under warranty. Sending it back to amazon tomorrow. Thank you @dlehenky @greenuser @Ikeago for your help. After some fine tunning. I got GPU0 running at 28.6 mh/s for ETH 429 mh/s for DCRED at 166watss @ 69c. Fan speed at 75%. VRM @ 73c. (is my VRM ok at this level? At what temp is it too hot?) GPU1 running at 26.5mh/s 397 mh/s DCRED at 160.5 watts @ 65c. Fan speed at 60% VRM @ 64c. GPU2 running at 27.8 mh/s 418 mh/s DCRED at 156 watts @ 69c. Fan speed at 75% VRM @ 68c. My question is are my temps at a good level? it does heat up the room. TIA
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    They been running stable for about 5 hours or so.
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    Oh, it will definitely heat up the room! :) No worries, winter will come and FREE heat! Your temps are OK. If they get up to 80-85C you should start thinking about how to mitigate.
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    @dlehenky thank you! One last question for today. Thinking about going headless. Will I need a hdmi adaptor or is it possible to do it another way on windows 10? I've googled it but haven't found a "how to guide".
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    Headless: ignorance is bliss. :) Not a windows guy. I run Ubuntu 14.04 server; all my rigs are headless. On the Asrock H81, I have to use an hdmi plug on GPU0 to get reliable GPU recognition on startup for all the cards. On the Asrock H97 I don't need to do that.
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    i run Windows 10 on all mine. I have a monitor and USB hub so I can plug into one if I'm having problems out of it but I normally just TS into them if I am at a computer or 90% I do off my phone through team viewer. The resolution is horrible on team viewer unless you have a dummy plug. I made a bunch and just plugged one into a card on each rig.
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    @dlehenky lol. So for the h81 I just need one dummy plug for GPU0 and it should be able to boot? Is there thread somewhere showing how to create a batch file which will automatically start mining on windows startup? (i know you're not a windows guy) have you come across a thread like that? My next board will be a h97 since they are pumping the price of the h81 now since the release of the 480's. For the h97, you don't need a dummy plug? What is the process? @Ikeago, what kind of motherboard do you have and you said you have to install a dummy plug on all of your gpu? So do you power up with a monitor to run the miner then plug in the dummy plugs? TIA
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    Don't know of a thread, but there may well be one. I'm sure someone will chime in on the .bat file. Just 1 dummy plug on GPU0 for H81s, none needed on the H97s (Anniversary). The processes is (drum roll, please): plug it in. :)
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    @dlehenky there has to be more to it then just plug it in? lol. thanks
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    To make them I just take a DVI to VGA converter and plug 3 48 mAH resisters into the VGA side, hot glue them in and your all set.

    Nope dlehenky is right once they are made you just plug them in. If you want you can buy pre made ones.
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    @Ikeago @dlehenky WOW! lol. didn't expect it to be that easy. "Just plug it in" works like a charm. Here is what I have been able to do so far. I did get all my 390 to hash at 27.5 mh/s at 160w (according to gpu z) however my psu is showing a different amount. For my five rig it is showing 1130 w being pulled by my 1300w 80 plus Gold EVGA PSU. So I assume 1130 x .89 =1005 w actually being used. 1005 - 150(mobo, sata hd, ram, estimate)= 855/5 gpu = 171 watt. How accurate is gpu z? Is there any other software out there that can give me more precise readings? TIA
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    GpuZ is just measuring the GPU/memory, not the whole card operating on the PCIe bus. The most precise, and meaningful, way to measure power consumption is at the wall with a KillaWatt meter. Any other measurement is just a number. Home Depot carries them, or Amazon, just shy of $30. If you've just gotta know what a single card uses, take a full system reading with KillaWatt, power down and pull a card, then take another reading and subtract.
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    the 1130 is what I am getting from my power meter that is plugged into the wall. My psu is then plugged into the power meter. It's kinda like a killawatt meter. @dlehenky thanks for the tip. Will do.
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    Btw, it's very doubtful that your pulling 150w for the bare system. I have an i3 2core/2thread @ 3.6 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 memory and a 1 TB WD hard drive. It's pulling about 60 watts, max, at the wall.
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    How to create a batch file to auto start mining on Windows startup or after system crash and resets.

    This is for windows 10 only since I am running Windows 10. I am also using MSI afterburner. Please do not attempt this until you have perfected your undervolt/overclock or whatever settings you want to mine at. They must be stable and able to start up without any issues.

    I have saved my settings in MSI afterburner. I have checked the boxes, which would start up afterburner when windows start and to minimize it. I have also checked to apply overclock settings on startup.

    Ok first of all you need to set up your windows login so that you don't have to enter a password before you can get main GUI. Just go to settings and accounts. Create new account or change your account to not have a password (leave it blank). Go down to sign in options, select "never" in the box that ask when windows should require you to type in a password. Scroll down and you will see related settings. Click on that. Scroll down to where it says, "show windows background pic...." turn that off. Doin all this will allow you to skip the sign in screen when windows boots up or restarts. This is what we need. The batch file will not execute by itself if you do not do this. It will wait for you to sign in with your password then execute the mining batch file.

    I am using CDM 5.3 and dual mining. In the readme file under the -r option, if you enable -r 1, it will execute a reboot.bat file. He also includes the code, shutdown /r /t 5 /f . Open up a new notepad and insert that code. Save it as reboot.bat. Make sure you don't save it as a text file, make sure it's a executable bat file.

    Now open up a new notepad file and enter the following

    echo off

    start /d " this is where your start.bat address goes" start.bat


    echo off
    start /d "C:\Users\Desktop\my files\Claymore's Dual Ethereum+Decred AMD GPU Miner v5.3" start.bat

    Save the file as whatever you want to name it. (Make sure you use the quotation marks, before the C: and after the folder name where your batch file is)

    Now right click on that file and create a shortcut.

    Right click on that shortcut and select cut.

    Go to the search the web and windows box (next to the windows startup icon) and type in run.

    When the run window pops up type in shell:startup

    Now you should be in the startup folder where you can add batch files.

    Right click and select paste or you can click the home tab and select paste.

    So in theory when you miner crashes and executes the reboot.bat, your system restarts, upon system startup it will execute the bat file you just created. If you're using MSI afterburner you settings will already be loaded and you will be mining again.

    I had to google all this and put it all together. I did not invent this. Use at your own discretion.

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