The Divine : uncontrollable number

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The Divine uncontrollable number.

The Divine is one more security layer to protect your RNG contract, RANDAO,...from many kind of attack.

The Divine contract which's give you power and belong to the void. No fees are required, you have to pay for gas cost and get the Power.


The Divine is a smart contract which were growing a World Tree.

World Tree is grow by you and anyone who are use this contract.

World Tree Have root and it's World Tree's address.

World Tree is chain, one chain is created by:

  • Previous chain value
  • Sender address
  • Current difficulty

Why ?

  • Previous chain value: You are only change it by change previous value, and it's impossible.
  • Sender address: is addition value, user can not manipulate it.
  • Current difficulty: is control by algorithm and whole network. Let's take a look.
block_diff = parent_diff + parent_diff // 2048 * max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99) + int(2**((block.number // 100000) - 2))

What's happen if some miner want to manipulate The Divine ?.
They only have chance to manipulate by change block_timestamp

max(1 - (block_timestamp - parent_timestamp) // 10, -99)
  • If block_timestamp - parent_timestamp < 10 secs : Not possible to manipulate, difficulty not change.

  • If block_timestamp - parent_timestamp > 10 secs : and he can change difficulty by max(1, -99).
    When he try to manipulating he's also push himself to risk, his block may be come an uncle block.

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