Total noob here, can't get it started please help

TrantidonTrantidon Member Posts: 65
Hello, I have been thinking of using my recently adquired free time to build a mining rig, mainly just for fun but also for a bit of profit. I can't get it to work, here is what I did.

I have an old motherboard, 8gb of ddr3 ram, an i5-650 and a NVIDIA geforce 330 2GB version (yes I know nvidia is crap for mining, I plan on upgrading but I want it to work first).

I install windows 10 and update my graphics card drivers from manufacturer page.

I download geth and create a new account, then I proceed to synchronize to the blockchain by typing geth --rpc, this process has been runing for several hours 4-5 importing blocks by 2048, isn't it supposed to end earlier? is it working?

I also created a ethereum wallet for mining in a pool, which can be done without snychronizing to the chain as far as I understand. I followed this tutorial so I download Ethereum (++) and on the Release folder I launch this command

ethminer.exe -F

It begins building the DAG file and when it stops it displays an error:


I cannot seem to be able to solve this by searching it on the internet, any help please? thank you


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