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The following is a work in progress. I'm posting it here to hopefully get your input, and gather support anyone who wants to become involved!

Concept overview:

ExciteEth is a project with a mission to bring value to the Ethereum marketplace as a blockchain company invested in tangible assets. Presently our profit model consists primarily of residual revenue through property ownership with a long term plan of diversifying our revenue streams. Properties we have been targeting are primarily residential, single, or multifamily homes given the continued expected rise of rental demand. These investments will provide a steady source of revenue to grow ExciteEth from which ultimately will enable us to diversify our operations into other areas!

Overview (brief) of Business Structure:

Daily operations will be conducted by a Management team lead by the CEO.
A board of directors will be formed and will handle the release of debt-raised finances.
Members will vote on the board of directors.

Ethereum's role:

Ethereum provides the essential framework from which all of this will be built on! Ethereum will be used to develop a transparent debt financing model, which when successful will transform into a revenue sharing platform. Additionally, it will be used to manage debt-raised finances in a secure manner. Finally, Ethereum will empower members to interact with the company.


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