Ethereum+Charter City = Model City

DonRaulDonRaul Los AngelesMember Posts: 8
Does anybody see how the charter city concept of Paul Romer might be applicable thanks to technology that enables smart rules and smart contracts?

I am interested in finding out how the block chain might enable the political framework for creating new cities with fair rules and thriving economies.


  • SomniculeSomnicule Member Posts: 3
    Reminds me a little of Zach Weiner's short ebook Polystate. When I read that I was thinking the whole time "You could probably do that in ethereum."

    The idea in that book is having a minimalist meta-government with rules about how each citizen can switch between governments.

    Implemented in ethereum, all the meta-government would simply store a list of citizen identities, and moving those identities between actual governments (built as DAOs) according to some simple rules (e.g. each citizen has one 24 hour time period stored in which they can change

    The governments could use ethereum-based contracts to fulfill functions like voting, court systems, tax collection, etc. and would have to compete for citizens and resources, with people moving to the systems that fit their values best.

    "International" disagreements could also be resolved and managed using ethereum contracts, with international courts and negotiations taking place via these.
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