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Hello, Everybody.

I'm honestly new to cryptocurrencies and ether. I'm using the ethereum/mist wallet version 0.7.4 and there I discovered about contracts. I am trying to understand what it is, but it's getting kinda hard the more I look for.

So, I have a few question about it and how it works:

In the contract I made, there's a button "Show Contract information". Inside it, there are some info and the option "Chose a function". Now, inside it I see

I truly dunno what it is or what it is useful for.

Also, in the "Contracts" tab, we have something about making a customized contract... I wonder what it is too...

Finally, I have the problem with Gas. I understood Gas as the fee coin for Ether (please correct me about this if wrong), but there's something going very wrong with it: When I try to move ether out of my contract wallet (all my ethers are there), it never works, normally saying I do not have enough funds. Even if I only try to send the crypto with half my funds.

That's it for now. Hope you understood it all... Can't say a thing about my english. Help me if possible, please. Bye.

Go Ether!
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