Ethereum as a legal organization

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Hi all - My day job is as a lawyer (corporate) and I was geeking out with a co-worker about Ethereum and he asked me a couple legal questions about the formation of Ethereum. I was stumped trying to answer them all

Does anyone know how Ethereum is navigating the legal landscape before they launch? Raising money in an IPO in multiple countries sounds like there would be some legal difficulties. I'm genuinely curious to know how they plan to do this. And to the dev team, if there's any way I can help, just let me know!

Thanks all!


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    Hi Sophia,

    I'll quote what has been said by J. Lubin our Ethereum subreddit etc as it summarizes the situation perfectly:

    "We have been working, and continue to work with lawyers in different countries to structure the pre-sale of ether so that it is not seen by securities regulators as an offering of securities. We believe that selling ETH, a fuel that powers applications on the Ethereum platform, does not constitute sale of a security, be we hope to achieve more certainty before starting the sale. The is an extremely important issue in our industry. We believe we have a chance of pioneering business structures that can revolutionize this niche and be acceptable to regulatory bodies.

    We have also done a large amount of work to design how we as a company will operate in a manner that the community will respect. In short: we intend to run a radically open and transparent organization. But we do need some bootstrap time to put systems in place. Coordinating a global project takes a lot of thought and effort."

    Once we have finalized our plans, and are ready to announce the ether sale, we will of course detail the reasoning behind the sale format.
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