Anybody benchmarked R9 390(x) yet?

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I think the title says it all :blush:


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    R9 390x is the same as an R9 290x (~25MH/S), you just got +4GB of RAM which won't be useful for 2.6 years.
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    GRID 2 - 1080p, Ultra preset 8fx16x EQAA - 105 FPS in benchmark.

    Night race 1080p Ultra 8fx16xEQAA - 134 FPS

    Ultra preset 8xMSAA - around 170 FPS during night race.

    Hitman Aboslution - 1080p, Ultra 2x MSAA - Around 70 FPS

    1080p Ultra 8xMSAA - 59-60FPS

    EDIT;; Battlefield 3 Ultra Preset 1080p with 90 FOV ( normally set at 70) around 110-170fps (depending on map)

    Racedriver GRID ( 1st one) 1080p Ultra/Max settings - around 190 FPS

    Unigine Heaven - 1080p, Ultra Preset, 8x MSAA, Extreme Tessellation - 54-56 FPS

    Furmark - 1080p Preset -4303 Points - Avg 71 FPS

    3DMark 11 - P12564 Graphics score-17068 Physics score -6955 Combined score - 7102
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    I just posted the results of my R9 390x XFX in the appropriate thread FYI, here is the sumup:

    Linux / Debian stable 8.1 / XFX R9 390x 8GB / Eth 0.9.34
    min/mean/max: 26.17 MH / 26.28 MH / 26.36 MH
    inner mean: 9.86 MH/s
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    Speaking of benchmarks, anyone know if OC editions with extra memory do much at all for mining on a 290x? I assume it doesn't make much of a difference.
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    memory isn't going to help at the moment until DAG grows in size. you'll get ~2 years of mining out of a 3GB ram card. ~ 2.6 years out of a 4GB ram card.
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    Basically it means, it is better to buy older R9 290 and 290X cards, rather than newer 390/390X cards, right?

    (esp. since I can get a 30% discount on used 290/290X cards, but no discount on 390/390X cards)

    Also how did you calculate that 4 GB RAM will not be enough in 2.6 years ? I wanna understand this formula. And 8 GB will be enough for how long ?
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    The DAG is growing, so it will be too big after some years. I have seen similar calulations previously. But the switch to POS should be done before 2.6 years anyway, with good margin.
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    @Technologov , I think that DAG is expected to grow by 1.7x every year. So if you start with DAG at 1GB, then by the end of year 1 you are at 1.7 GB, and the end of year two you are around 3GB. I can't remember exact source of the 1.7x growth, somewhere buried in the /r/ethereum
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    i start mining with one R9 390x and give this result :is it good ????

    Found suitable OpenCL device [Hawaii] with 8589934592 bytes of GPU memory
    Benchmarking on platform: GPU
    Preparing DAG...
    Warming up...
    i 07:22:27|gpuminer0 workLoop 0 #00000000… #00000000…
    i 07:22:27|gpuminer0 Initialising miner...
    Using platform: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
    Using device: Hawaii(OpenCL 2.0 AMD-APP (1912.5))
    Printing program log

    Creating one big buffer for the DAG
    Loading single big chunk kernels
    Mapping one big chunk.
    Trial 1... 0
    Trial 2... 0
    Trial 3... 0
    Trial 4... Creating buffer for header.
    Creating mining buffer 0
    Creating mining buffer 1
    Trial 5... 26441288
    min/mean/max: 0/7470608/26441288 H/s
    inner mean: 12451014 H/s
    Phoning home to find world ranking...
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    I have an Asus 390x OC.
    Default clock undervolted I got 28 mhs.
    with 1100 clock and 1625 memory I get around 31 mhs
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    my xfx 390x is happily hashing away at 32mh/s. Undervolted -24mV, clock at 1120, memory at 1400

    hottest of all my cards though at 81-84C
  • heandog69heandog69 Member Posts: 283 ✭✭
    my r9 390 do around 28 mh/s
  • hushabubahushabuba Member Posts: 45
    @shutfu how do you get such a high hashrate? I've overclocked my core to 1155 and kept mem at 1500 and only getting about 29.5-30 mhs average. I have the sapphire nitro edition which runs at about 73 C
  • shutfushutfu Member Posts: 320 ✭✭
    @hushabuba are you using claymore's miner in eth only mode?
  • hushabubahushabuba Member Posts: 45
    yes im only getting 32 mhs
  • shutfushutfu Member Posts: 320 ✭✭
    32mhs is what I get with my 390x using claymore's miner. I think that is pretty good
  • hushabubahushabuba Member Posts: 45
    I get those rates with overclocking and raised power limits; my question is how do you get those rates with underclocking?
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    This settings was tested on my 4xSapphire_r9_390 with claymore mode=1 (mode=0 - consumes more power):
    cclock=1050, core -50mV, AUX -50mV, 30MH/s, VDDC Power In 160W
    cclock=1150, core -31mV, AUX -31mV, 32,5MH/s, 190W
    I don't post the temperature, because I still waiting for risers from china, and they just stay in common cases )
    And the question: is any way to underclock memory? Sapphire don't let me to underclock less then 1500, but GPU Z says that memory is load only at 81% at 1150Mhz core (72% at 1050Mhz) and i think that underclocking memory will help me to save GPU_power/temperature/cooler_power/VRM_efficiency/and_so_on )
    p.s. sorry if i missed_same_thread/wrong_thread. I am a newbie internet resident )
    p.p.s of course i try to overclock memory, but this have no effect, so I think I can underclock.
    p.p.p.s sorry for my "interstellar" accent
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    oh, founding a right words on this forum help me to locate a very useful post about everything I need to know about my Hawaii GPUs
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