New to Ethereum, my address is not found

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Hello, I am new to Ethereum and I am not that literate in a lot of what is going on. I used to generate a paper wallet. I then printed it, and used shapeshift to purchase exchange some Bitcoin for Ethereum. It seems the transfer was successful but when I enter the public address to check the balance of my new wallet on the address is not found. When I enter the address on I get a message reading "invalid Bitcoin address". I went back to and used the "view wallet details" feature. This had me enter my private key which I thought was not very secure and then said my wallet was "registered" or something to that effect and I did see a balance but also saw that the private key was unencrypted which made me think I had then compromised the security of my paper wallet. did recognize my address and provide a balance however. I am using an iPhone 6 and a Mac with Chrome. If I am posting in a more advanced forum please excuse me, I do not wish to clutter up the discussion. Please just point me in the right direction. I would just like to know why my address is not being found, and if I need to create another wallet and transfer the balance since I entered my private key unencrypted. Thank you for any help.


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    1. It did not say "registered" it said "Success! Here are your wallet details."

    2. How do you expect to access your wallet without the private key. In addition, at the top of that page, it literally says:

    >This allows you to download your unencrypted private key -or- obtain an encrypted geth/Mist JSON file from your encrypted private key or older encrypted JSON file. You may want to do this in order to import your account into Geth/Mist. You can also do this with the MyEtherWallet CX and save your wallet for easier and quicker access.

    > If you just want to check your balance, we recommend using a blockchain explorer like EtherChain, EtherScan, or

    I'm not quite sure what you were expecting.

    So you used EtherChain and it gave you your balance. You went to MyEtherWalelt and it shows your balance. You have a balance on your account. What is the problem?
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    I'm new here too. :)
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    I have just solved a similar problem myself. This might not be the same problem as the original poster (they may not have been quite as clueless as myself)...

    I was mistakenly entering the 40-character address that geth was giving me. I didn't realise that you had to append an "0x" to the front of this. I only realised what I'd been doing wrong when I searched for my address on EtherScan (after reading tayvano's response to the OP), and EtherScan added the "0x" for me! (I am an absolute beginner, in my defense.)

    Hopefully helped someone!
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