Looking for legal insight

PEterDPEterD Member Posts: 1
In the early stages of an Ethereum project and wanted to consult someone with legal knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies and financial markets.


  • ChrisEsq.ChrisEsq. Member Posts: 17
    I am a licensed attorney in New York with a background in legal/reg/compliance and experience working with Alternative Asset Managers and Broker Dealers. I appreciate what is at stake after the implosion of the DAO. DM me if you'd like to chat.
  • testmantestman australiaMember Posts: 30
    @G416G Is correct you need advice from someone licensed in your jurisdiction, Also ask for their license number and verify it before you open you big mouth. There will be a bar association or regulatory body that you can verify the qualification with. Also dont forget our friend google you can find an awful lot about someone
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