Geth not updating blocks after network disconnection

EastwindEastwind Member Posts: 107
I solo mine with latest Geth (1.2.2) and ethminer. When there is a network disruption, the Geth stopped getting new blocks, and stuck. My ethminer still mines, wasting power. If I start a new Geth, it will show that there is an exinsting Geth thread and cannot launch. I have to kill the old Geth.

Does anybody have such problem?


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    Having the same problem. However, when that happens only geth.log is not updated, I believe it still runs and mines properly. Solution is a dedicated IP or put up a geth node on a Ubuntu VPS for 18 bucks

    But yes, whenever there is a 24/7 DC I now restart geth to avoid this issue

    Also try removing your chain data and download it again.

  • EastwindEastwind Member Posts: 107
    I use Windows. When the geth is not used for mining, then there is no such problem. Geth will keep on updating blocks after the network interruption.
  • farwarefarware Member Posts: 116
    Eastwind said:

    I use Windows. When the geth is not used for mining, then there is no such problem. Geth will keep on updating blocks after the network interruption.

    Thanks, I will observe that tomorrow and shut off ethminer before the disconnect, maybe its a Windows specific problem. If that is the case, we may find a workaround yet
  • davidrentaodavidrentao Member Posts: 60
    it's normal problem with ethminer. one way is you need using proxy to monitor , restart again by hand, i said Linux wallet better than windows last other talking. you better try build it. however hardware mistake also will stop mining such as rig temp very high, you are overclocking, if you want stable mining, just reduce the GPU core and mem freq, it's better to your card and reduce the repair waste time on the way. but you need investment more hardware, like me.

    ethminer different with SGminer, you can see which card stopping. only using your experience and make sure hardware everything ok. i got 600pcs. also one by one to checking.

    so you need hard working. other tips, build wallet on service(VPS), it's better than local wallet.
  • farwarefarware Member Posts: 116
    Ok I can verify that geth does no longer work after a disconnect, you HAVE to restart it. So this is a bug really and needs to be fixed whoever is responsible for that part of geth programming. Should start a ticket on git
  • EastwindEastwind Member Posts: 107
    Another problem is that even if geth is not updating, ethminer is still running, wasting a lot of electricity. Can the developer do some thing to this.
  • davidrentaodavidrentao Member Posts: 60
    i found ETC mining will affect of HDD cannot use, i change around 10pcs of 80G hard-disk. i bought other new secondhand 80G hard-disk on the way in last fews days,it's very cheap in my home town.
  • EastwindEastwind Member Posts: 107
    @davidrentao, do you mean your HDD is dead?
  • davidrentaodavidrentao Member Posts: 60
    yet. dead. don be worry, very cheap of secondhand HDD
  • EastwindEastwind Member Posts: 107
    Is there a program to monitoring the updating of the block, if the block stuck, restart the geth?
  • jstefanopjstefanop Member Posts: 43
    I can confirm this issue still happens in geth under windows. If internet goes down it never attempts to reconnect to network. Will this be fixed?
  • QuellwasserQuellwasser Member Posts: 43
    same problem. Geth stops working almost every night - but keeps mining and wasting energy. While desync you will also mine blocks and get ETH rewards but they just disappeare after synchronising.
    Any workaround? Probably a network monitor witch sends a mail when internet connection is lost?!
  • happytreefriendshappytreefriends Member Posts: 537 ✭✭✭
    Yup. Same here.
    I have setup a batch file to automatically cycle geth.exe every 30 minutes because of this. I lose about 15 seconds of hashing, but even if it goes down, the longest I ever lose is 30minutes and I don't have to constantly watch it. My internet is good but sometimes firewalls/routers get overloaded and after they auto-cycle geth stops receiving new block info.
    Hope they fix it ..
  • QuellwasserQuellwasser Member Posts: 43
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    @happytreefriends, good idea! Would you share your batch file (or provide command lines)? Thank you :smile:
  • EastwindEastwind Member Posts: 107
    My batch file, restart every 3600 seconds.

    @echo on
    timeout /t 10
    start geth --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 8545 --maxpeers 128 console

    timeout /t 3600
    taskkill /im "geth.exe" /f
    timeout /t 2
    start geth --rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 8545 --maxpeers 128 console
    goto loop
  • Marvell9Marvell9 Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭
    how do you know its stuck though, when i check geth i see blocks updated always fine, i just look at the block number and as long as its the same block seqence as it should be fine.
  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    This appears to be a Windows-specific problem with 'geth'. I know the Ethereum software, in general, has a lot of conditional code to deal with the Windows environment. The "Go' language, being a product of Google research, is heavily invested in the linux platform, so that's where their development focus is. 'Geth' is written in 'Go', so it may very well have some warts that it wouldn't otherwise have if implemented in an older, more widespread language. I've been running 'geth' on Ubuntu 24x7 since October, and I've only had a 'hang' twice. I'm not trying to start a fight here, I'm just adding some information to the discussion. There are folks on the forum that have had a lot of difficulty with 'geth' on linux, as well, although that has been getting the blockchain to bootstrap and sync initially.
  • happytreefriendshappytreefriends Member Posts: 537 ✭✭✭
    I think I will be setting up a Geth 'server' in linux because of that. Does an RPi 2 have enough juice to run geth for a bunch of rigs?
  • MrYukonCMrYukonC Member Posts: 627 ✭✭✭
    dlehenky said:

    I've been running 'geth' on Ubuntu 24x7 since October, and I've only had a 'hang' twice.

    @dlehenky So have I, and that has not been my experience. I've been running it on 64-bit Ubuntu 15.04 and for a long time it would crap the bed about every 2-3 weeks due to block/database corruption. Sometimes to the point that an entire re-sync was required.

    Even the latest version still does it, but not as frequently. It's less of an issue now that I'm no longer solo mining. But Geth still seems like it has a lot of stability problems.

    I have no idea how the large pools are handling it. They must periodically restart it in order to guarantee it's a fresh startup that hasn't been running for days/weeks, because that seems to be when it starts to become unstable.
  • QuellwasserQuellwasser Member Posts: 43
    @Eastwind thank you, works perfect :smile:
  • gethgeth Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know how to migrate from eth to geth?
  • pcrevolutionpcrevolution Member Posts: 3
    Is this problem of Geth not updating the blocks still a problem for v1.3.5?

    Woke up in the morning to find that ethminer was still working on the same block for 2 hours before successfully "mining" it while Geth did not provide the next blocks for ethminer to work on.
  • dr_pradr_pra Member Posts: 445 ✭✭✭
    Geth runns rock solid on ethpool. No restarts required. Frequent block database corruptions are usually caused by a faulty RAM. We had those issues before and after replacing the RAM of the server they disappeared.
  • jdc4429jdc4429 Member Posts: 0
    This is still an issue. And also an issue on Ubuntu. Why is this not fixed yet??? How hard is it to have geth try to reconnect to the network. Geesh! Miner trying to mine for 6 hours with no new block because of this exact issue! Using geth 1.4.6.
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