3k$ Available for investment [Mining or Buying?]

apprailyappraily Member Posts: 2
Hi guys, i'm late and today i have only 3k to invest.
The question is simple, it's worth to spend my money in a mining rig or is best to buy directly ETH ?

This is the configuarion i have in mind:
Part Model Single Price Number Total Price
Motherboard  ASRock H81  43.99 1 43.99
CPU Pentium G3220 Dual Core CPU - 3.00GHz, 3MB, 54W 61 1 61
PSUs  850w EVGA B2 123.76 2 247.52
RAM  Kingston HyperX Fury Memorie DDR-III - 8 GB 34.26 1 34.26
Hard Drive Gateway GR160 - 128gb 69.9 1 69.9
GPUs ASUS Radeon R9 390X STRIX 300 8 2400
      Total 2856.67

Lets say each R9 390X is 30Mh/s - total 240Mh/s - On a Mining Profitability Calculator i get this result,assuming my power consumption is 0,0541248 $/kWh:

Time Frame ETH Coins BTC (ETH/BTC at 0.01553188) USD (BTC at $767.53) Power Cost (in USD) Pool Fees (in USD) Profit (in USD)
Hourly 0.0855 0.001328 $1.02 $0.08 $0.00 $0.94
Daily 2.051993 0.031871 $24.46 $1.92 $0.00 $22.54
Weekly 14.36395 0.223099 $171.24 $13.44 $0.00 $157.80
Monthly 61.55978 0.956139 $733.87 $57.60 $0.00 $676.27
Annually 748.9773 11.63303 $8,928.70 $700.80 $0.00 $8,227.90

By now with 3k with investement i'm going to buy 250 ETH but with these numbers i have the ROI in 4 Months if i'm going to minining by my self...

The question is how difficolut can became mining in the next 4 months...
I'll reach the ROI in 4 months or they will became more probably 6/7...

By your experience, at this time, which solution is best, buying coins or trying to mining?


  • ZeBadgerZeBadger Member Posts: 1
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    I haven't looked at mining for a few years... is GPU mining profitable again? It was all ASICS last time I looked (and was only BitCoin / LiteCoin)!
  • TimboSliceTimboSlice Member Posts: 76 ✭✭
    Firstly, you will probably need to have two mobo's/cpu/ram as I don't think you can get 8 GPU's on a single OS, most people use 6 on a single rig. Also, each 390 will take 300 watts or so , depending on OC, so 8*300=2400 watts, so more/bigger PSU's as well, and then a normal outlet can only handle so many watts. Also, add usb powered risers at about $10 a piece.
    Now, refigure total cost and time to ROI.
    There's a few more things to keep in mind, with the recent DAO hack/exploit, ETH is VERY volatile, no one knows the future, it could soar to $30/Eth, it could crash to $1/Eth, or anything in between. So trying to figure out ROI is impossible. Personally, as long as you're prepared to lose all 3k (never invest more than you're prepared to lose/can live without) I would build a 3 GPU rig, and invest the rest in ETH, BTC, and other alts. But YOU have to do the research and figure it out for yourself, do you believe in ETH? Can it recover? Will Bitcoin remain King? Will another alt take over? Learn as much as you can before investing.

    Also, new AMD cards are potentially coming out soon, we don't know if they'll be good at mining yet, but they'll likely use less power and 390's and older generations will almost definitely become cheaper once they come out.
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    difficulty shot wayyy back up in the last 24-48 hours. If eth remains at the current price, you will not make much profit if difficulty continues and price doesnt go back up.

    I was on the verge of building another rig, but at the current price, I feel like it is better to invest while its cheap and hope for the best.

    A lot is going to change in the next few weeks.
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