Ethereum Multisig Escrow Contract

TrumpTrump Member Posts: 1

I'm looking to open a website where users can make bets on world events. I'm a capable web designer, but when it comes to Ethereum contracts i'm completely clueless at the moment. Open for paying for consultation, and or working with a partner to make this become a reality. The escrow system I imagine would work something like this:

User clicks"Make Bet" button on website -> User placing bet explains rules in a text box and through a simple panel on the site chooses the settings for the bet, and the website generates an Ethereum escrow contract specific to the settings selected by the user. The escrow would require 2/3 signatures to release funds to the winner. The 3rd signature is required from us, the judge. Once the bet is generated, the bet page displays the newly generated Ethereum escrow contract code for the bet for all to see. Then the generated code is put on the network by either us or the user, once both participants send funds the bet starts. When the marked time of bet ending is reached, 2/3 signatures will payout funds to winner while simultaneously deducting fee to pay us, the judge.

Is this vision possible to achieve in the current state of Ethereum? And, if so, where do I start?

I'll be checking back on this thread and checking inbox. Hope someone contacts me, i'm very eager to explore the possibilities of this new frontier.


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