Cert. problems

vlcmstnevlcmstne Member Posts: 119
Anyone else getting invalid certificate on this site?


  • bakibaki Member Posts: 26
    yeah me too, when i check the certificate it looks loke it ended today.
  • bakibaki Member Posts: 26
    remove "https://" part from the address
  • davidavi NetherlandsMember Posts: 67
    edited June 2016
    Valid until Thu, 16 Jun 2016 23:59:59 UTC (expired 19 hours and 15 minutes ago) EXPIRED
    baki said:

    remove "https://" part from the address

    Really. Ethereum foundation should get their things together...

    Going to screw up Etherum because The DAO screwed up their contract with a stupid bug which was known for days and not fixed on time resulting in the disaster we have seen today, expired SSL certificates... What a mess.
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