Ethereum payment processor.

andresandres Member Posts: 1
I'm making the first ethereum payment processor like but for ether do you think this is a good idea? You will be able to easily integrate ether payments on your website.


  • garrgarr BerlinMember Posts: 8
    Sure but do you really think you can compete with bitpay or coinbase once they start accepting ether?
  • chrixtopher101chrixtopher101 Member Posts: 1
    @andres I think this is a fabulous idea, All you need to do is just add a unique feature and you will stand out. I'm researching to do something similar. Hit me up and lets discuss it.
  • donkeykongdonkeykong Member Posts: 29
    edited June 2016
    get in there before other processers do and you could be onto a winner. Great idea though im sure others may all ready be working on it... I have a fair bit of coding experience if you need any help hit me up too :)

    edit: just noticed this is an old post ... any progress you would like to share?
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