Please check my configuration and give me your oppinion. About to invest all i have saved

bratlemi91bratlemi91 Member Posts: 6
Hi people. I would really appreciate if you would check this configuration and give me ideas is it OK or should I change something. Maybe something is wrong with this. I'm scared of cashing this much and being stuck with all that equipment.
I will post my config at the end of the post. This is what i imagined to get. For example, i need your help about motherboard. Does this support 7 GPUs? At least 6 (maybe its safer with 6?) If 6 is better then i will go for it with another board, cheaper almost 50%. A BTC board.
Second thing is that i buy one power supply now and another one with another 2-3 GPU-s.
I was thinking about buying all same GPU-s. New of course. I don't think used are a good option because i don't get warranty. And if my investment dies before ROI then i'm in bad position.

Motherboard: MSI MB - SOCKET 1150 - Z97 GAMING 5 - $200
CPU: INTEL Celeron G1820 2.7GHz Box - $40
RAM: Kingston 8GB kit (2x4GB) DDR3 HyperX FURY Blue 1600MHz CL10 - $50
SSD: KINGSTON SSDNow 120GB, 2.5", SATA III, V300 - $54
POWER: LC-POWER LC1000 V2.3 Legion X2 Metatron Gaming Series 1000W -$220
GPU: 3xASUS Radeon R9 380X 4GB GDDR5 256bit - STRIX-R9380X-OC4G-GAMING - $1000

As i sad, after 1 month of mining i would buy two-three more GPUs and one more power supply (gold). I can get them all now, but i think it would be better find my way in a smaller investment at start
Please review this and help out. Anything will help and be highly appreciated. Thanks


  • IliketurtlesIliketurtles Member Posts: 18
    Stick with the BTC mobo, you can get another GPU for the cost difference. You can find a cheaper 120gb SSD- $35-$40.
  • bratlemi91bratlemi91 Member Posts: 6

    Stick with the BTC mobo, you can get another GPU for the cost difference. You can find a cheaper 120gb SSD- $35-$40.

    makes sense when you put it that way :)
  • TimboSliceTimboSlice Member Posts: 76 ✭✭
    I would warn against investing all you have saved. Crypto prices are very volatile (just look at ETH and BTC the last few days/weeks, they could both fall in value just as quickly!) so you have no guarantee of making any money. And with the Radeon 480 series coming out, you don't really have any guarantee of being able to resell your GPUs for any amount of money either. Invest only what you can afford to lose. That being said, it also depends on your situation, if you're a kid living with your parents, there's only so much downside and you'll always have a place to live and food to eat, but if your an adult out on their own, the rent/mortgage payment won't wait for you to mine some more coins.

    If you do go through with it, stick with the AsRock BTC board, and get some PCIe USB powered risers. There's a lot of threads relating to what the best mining setups are, just browse through the mining section and you'll find them quickly.
  • theclamtheclam Member Posts: 91
    I would go with Motherboard H81 Pro BTC $55, CPU (Celeron) $40, 8GB ram $40 and a 16GB SSD running EthOs from GPUShack $40, a PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 GOLD $316, 6 PCIe Risers $9ea. Hookup a monitor and a keyboard and your mining in a few hours... with upto 6 GPUs

    I use 3) R9-390's 1) R9-290 1) R9-380 --- FYI -- I love the 390's -- 140Mh/s with this setup at 1400watts (i'm using 2 separate PSUs at this moment)
  • bratlemi91bratlemi91 Member Posts: 6
    "Invest what you can afford to loose" Still I don't have anything better to do with this money. I don't want it wasted little by little on minor stuff,
    BTC is what I was thinking from the start but I cant find any boards here in Serbia... Probably I will have to chech in Hungary. Not to mention that PSU :disappointed:
  • stoonstoon Member Posts: 337 ✭✭✭
    Like others I would buy the asrock H81 or H97 boards. I wouldn't buy the 380x's but the 380's. People here get basically the same without the X and they are cheaper.
    On a side note, you could just take that money and buy ethereum or bitcoin. They both went up crazy amounts yesterday. Your return would be faster. Remember mining is a long term gain. It will likely take months to pay the equipment off before you have a profit.
    Me personally (hindsight being 20/20) if I invested what I did into mining equipment when I did, I would have double my money already.
  • IkeagoIkeago Member Posts: 130
    I have used one of those motherboards. My brother has 4-5 of them and I hate them.

    In a freak deal I have seen 7 cards running off one on Windows but once it shut down 6 was the most we could get it to see after that and 6 is a struggle.

    I would use the anniversary of the BTC.
  • bratlemi91bratlemi91 Member Posts: 6
    well I plan to mine ethereum and maybe buy some btc with cash. I have 0.7Th/s cloud btc. its really small but its is a step inside to see where I go
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