An Idiot's Guide to Mining ETH

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(I got bored and decided to write this, feel free to link it to whoever you know wants to start mining.)

0. Introduction
So, if you're on this page you probably want to know how to mine ethereum. Either you've been seeing it in the news, or you're someone who tried Bitcoin mining and fell on your butt, and decided you wanted to get up and try again. It's not easy this time around either, but since there are no ASICS yet, the playing field is pretty much level. If you're a gamer and have an old AMD GPU, then you may be able to make yourself a nice profit every month with no upfront hardware cost. If not, it's not too hard to ROI, especially if you buy a GPU from craigslist now that the new 1080s and RX 480s are out.

1. Hardware
If you already have a system with an R9 270X or better in it (AMD Only, for NVidia you probably want a 980 or better) then you can skip this (and the next two) sections. This section will go over what you need to build your system.

First of all, this is my barebones part list. You will probably want an open air case and GPUS (to mine with, you know?) as well to go along with this barebones setup, but this is probably the cheapest you can go regarding good parts. The power supply in the system can be replaced with something with less wattage if you're running less GPUs, but keep everything else the same for maximum upgradeability.

After you have all that (before, actually) you'll want some graphics cards. Any AMD card past the 270X is great for mining. NVidia cards are bad unless you already have them, in which case, why not?

2. Building a PC
Hopefully you can do this, but if not then you may want to watch a YouTube video () describing how to build a PC. It'll be a little different from the video described, but it works for the purpose. TekSyndicate has a nice video on how to build a computer in general, so if you need extra help then you can go check out that video on his channel.

3. Installing the OS
I think that litecoin video covered it, but here's another one anyway.\
(torrent) (if you have a torrent client)
(direct) (for idiots)

4. Starting to Mine
Windows: #removed by mod#
Then move the folder in it to your desktop or wherever else, and right click and edit the bat file. Then just replace [Address] with your address that you want to be paid in (need an address? go to - and be sure to save all your wallet files and info in a safe place.) For more mining computers on the same address, just increment the number after 'rig' (e.x. rig1 becomes rig2).
If all goes well you can just double click on the bat file, and it should begin to mine!

Follow the first three steps of this guide for AMD cards:
Then open a terminal and type
ethminer -G -F[ADDRESS]/rig1
where address is the address you want to be paid at.

If you need any further help, feel free to contact me through the forums.

Good luck!
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    command not found
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    @vortextowr What command wasn't found? I need more details than that!
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,290 mod
    @revc Do not post unofficial links to mining software.
  • revcrevc Member Posts: 72
    @o0ragman0o Ok, sorry I didn't know that.
    You should read through some of the posts on Pool Discussion, people like @ethermine_rocks have their own packages as well.
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,290 mod
    @revc Perhaps I should have said 'reputable' like genoil's miner. You posted a mega link to god knows what...
  • testmantestman australiaMember Posts: 30

    @revc Perhaps I should have said 'reputable' like genoil's miner. You posted a mega link to god knows what...

    There are links everywhere in this forum, atleast this guy is being productive and doing a tut that most people are to lazy to do for beginner miners ,, thanks revc
  • testmantestman australiaMember Posts: 30

    Rather than just butcher this thread and remove stuff you dont like did you bother to find a replacement set of instructions for this guys tutorial, now users cannot achieve the results they need from this tut as you removed probably an important piece of information. man up and put the instructions back or atleast replace it with something that still helps everyone
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,290 mod
    @testman If it makes you happy...

    My objection is that the OP had absolutely no commentary on what the link actually was or provide any proof it wasn't malicious.
  • testmantestman australiaMember Posts: 30
    Thanks that link looks helpful, and thanks.

    The value in any crypto is new user/buyers and customer's coming on boards and creating value and demand. I really appreciate the effort this guy went to as most ppl cant be bothered. I thought you were to quick to just remove his link unless you tested it or had information it was malicious. helpful people are needed everywhere.

    And I'm not sure that anyone could prove a link wasn't malicious, at any time the link can be modded to point anywhere?

    Thanks for the ethdocs link to
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    I looked on craigslist for a R9 270X like the OP said. None.....
    So i looked on craigslist for any GPU. None....

    Just another American pushing their own agenda and promoting their own regional websites under the false truth that these sites are used world wide just because they end dot-com.
    craigslist is just crap....

    @revc Who is Craig anyway and why don't you give him the dignity of spelling his name with a capital letter?
    There is a world outside America revc but, it is a different world than your leaders have led you to believe!

    I'm not even going into the politics of Ubuntu.... development of Ubuntu is led by UK-based Canonical Ltd, a company owned by South African, Mark Shuttleworth.
    Just remember... nothing is free.

    @revc you need to add a how-to for Windows too, to add balance.
  • revcrevc Member Posts: 72
    I don't want to reply to any of that response other than two things.

    1. CL works in places other than America (like Canada and parts of Europe) (apparently not the UK). You're free to use whatever method you'd like to obtain your cards.
    2. I had a howto for windows, but I kinda can't edit the main post anymore. The zipfile did have a copy of genoil's miner along with a simple 1-click script for idiots. Mabye I should have posted a virus scan or something, but can't change that now.
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    I'm an idiot and I needed a "An Idiot's Guide to Mining ETH". So am very happy about this post still being here.

    As a fist timer the learning curve is huge, information wither outdated or ambiguous at best. What made sense (like craigs list) then, now is not relevant. But there are still opportunities if you focus on picking up gamer cards from second hand internet sites and mobile applications.

    I like the idea of running a usb ubuntu image, as it removes the need for a ssd, thus reducing startup costs. It does however require more knowledge and research when it comes to driver installing. At the moment I am working on the Radeon rx480 8GB.

    Im on the first steps.
    1. Download Rufus (a free usb bootable image creator tool)
    2. Download Ubuntu 16.04 (Needed for my card drivers)
    3. Create usb bootable drive with the above tool and iso image, using the target setting of bios
    I have not yet opened an Ethereum account, or chosen a pool. Im reading lots of opinions about solo and pool approaches. I think at this point in the game, and with only one card, I will pool. Reasons being I will be able to test very quickly if everything is working ok, and be in a better position to make decisions.

    The next steps i think are:
    • Build bones PC, still waiting for all the parts from amazon.
    • Boot to usb ubunto.
    • Install: Amd accelerated parallel processing app sdk following the instructions listed in the above post.
    I think the [ADDRESS] in the ethminer command is referring to my bitcoin wallet address? Like I say, i am an idiot.

  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    for ubuntu 14.04 is good, with old card, but with rx 480 no.
    Is required ubuntu 16.04 and the driver change.
    need different step for idiots ;)
    I'm one of this
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    barklem the address is an ethereum address ( you can see the address after the instruction "geth new address")
  • stoonstoon Member Posts: 337 ✭✭✭
    You don't need an SSD to mine. If you have an extra or old HDD that will work just fine. It would keep things a bit simpler for you.
  • EtheringEthering Member Posts: 19
    Read this thread to get Ubuntu 16.04 and RX 480 working.

    I found no documentations anywhere and made mistakes which I was able to get solved in this thread. The key is you need the very latest genoil "110" branch.
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    yes, I was trying to install the latest version of Genoil 1.1.7 but the guide is for Ubuntu 4.14 and following the procedure noted that no is "libjson-rpc-cpp-dev"
  • seabassseabass Member Posts: 1
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    package was renamed after 15:04

    sudo apt-get -y install libjsonrpccpp-dev
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    now i have installed genoil 1.1.7 and work, but without parameter my hashrate is 4 mh/s and not create the dag file.
    I don't understand the error.....
    If i start with the parameter:
    export GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR=0
    export GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE=100
    export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100
    ./ethminer -G --cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16384
    not work
  • SmokyishSmokyish Member Posts: 203 ✭✭
    Remove the "--cl-local-work 256 --cl-global-work 16384"
  • raskillraskill Member Posts: 7
    Only an idiot gets bored
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    before I installed the drivers and SDK with ubuntu 14.
    Now i must be install the vulkan sdk driver or no?
  • barklembarklem Member Posts: 4
    Ethering said:

    Read this thread to get Ubuntu 16.04 and RX 480 working.

    I found no documentations anywhere and made mistakes which I was able to get solved in this thread. The key is you need the very latest genoil "110" branch.

    I tried those instructions and Ubuntu would not install the drivers. I went from bug to bug to bug. Gave up and its now running windows 10 and purring like a kitten.
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    i think my problem is the card, in linux mining at 4 Mh/s and in Windows 7 or w10 crash every time with every driver....this is a sapphire with 8Gb.
    I want to buy another card rx 480 .... which brand you suggest? i think with 4 Gb but the brand ???
  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    @niubbo1969 the different vendor reference cards all seem very much the same. I doubt you'll notice any difference.
  • niubbo1969niubbo1969 Member Posts: 52
    I finally was able to see for a few seconds mine my rx 480 with seven, surely is bad because a few minutes later that the poc is crashed.
    Only with the drivers found on the sapphire site I could see if my config is good.
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