pls help :{

Lowryda23Lowryda23 Member Posts: 8
Hello community

First sorry for my bad english.

I searched in some forums but did´t find a answer for my question.

I would like to get 5x R9 390X

According to many hardware test pages like this Here you can see that the R9 390x consumes 450W at full load. 5 x 450W = 2250 Watts. But i saw some people having 5x 390x running on just one power supply (1600W) how this is possible?

Could someone give may a tip, advice or instruction for me
I would be really very grateful since I have everything on hardware with me BB´s only GPU and PSU is missing

So i can just hang 2x 390x on 1 PSU with 1000W ?

Thank you so much


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