Asus r7 370 Strix Please post your results and configuration

DazzlinDaveDazzlinDave Member Posts: 8
I have been lurking here aprox 3 weeks, and finally have a rig up and functional. Woot !
I am starting this post because I am very tired of having to weed through 20 or more pages of drab posts that explain nothing to do with a question being searched for. People have cluttered to many posts with useless information.

I am simply asking for information on the ASUS r7 370 Strix. I dont give a f%$# if your uncle in Zimbabwai has a r9 fury that hashes at 5gh/s at 50 watts at the wall....keep it on the subject. Thank you :)

My rig:
Asrock H81 pro w/celeron g1850
evga 1000 G
4 Gb ram
120 ssd
6 usb powered risers
6 asus r7 370 Strix
win 8.1 pro
15.12 crimson

msi a.b : core 1175, mem 166
room temp 73 deg F gpu temp 62 - 71 @85% fan
Claymore duel 4.5 running on pool gives me 100.1 Mh/s


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