Web3 with external provider?

adcpmadcpm Member Posts: 1

I want to dev dapp but i can't make a local provider working (geth) on Windows. I would like to know if there is a company that provide external provider who run geth could for me?


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    @adcpm Mix-ide, is part of the cpp-ethereum suit and was to be the canonical development tool. It has it's own synthetic block chain and debugger. However it's so buggy on on Windows and Mac it's nearly unusable. It's suppose to work fine on Linux so I've have to fork out for a laptop top which I'm dedicating to this kind of work.

    Forward looking, Mix will be replaced by Remix which is a Node/web based IDE and is likely to be integrated into Browser-Solidity.

    There's also Solidity pluggings for Atom and Visual Studio (though I've not used VS).
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