marketing smart contract app built on Ethereum

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I was wondering if its posible to build an app on top of the ethereum blockchain, that runs smart contracts for two parties but both of the parties just see FIAT currency, and of course integrate to write a smart contract as easy as posible (not code)but with a central admin (me) that keep a % of the trade . Im building a marketing app and i want to use smart contracts to simplify transactions and maximize revenue. If you have any advice ? or want me to explain you more PM.


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    very good question. Could someone help answer this. I agree the smart contracts are brilliant, but yes we do need some applications to run on fiat.
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    @bcnbull @ethtrader1 This is a hard thing to do in a decentralized manner because Ethereum can't see outside itself and needs helpers/Oracles/relays to feed it data. But I've seen reference to IBAN numbers (international bank account routing numbers) on Ethereum which looks like they might be able to set up Ethereum itself as an international bank that you can simply deposit and withdrawn fiat from.... which would be absolutely awesome.

    I haven't had the chance to read Vitalik's 45 page "Opertunities and Challenges for Private and Consortium Blockchains" yet but the R3 bank consortium has published it, so ...thinking big!
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